At WRITTEN CITIZEN, we welcome a wide variety of unsolicited works to showcase. We thrive off of young, nostalgic, dreamy, empowering, thought-provoking, contemporary works beautifully crafted in personal and honest ways. Since we run through monthly submissions but have no supporting themes, you are free to create from whatever impulse you may have.



For writing, please attach your work to Google Docs. Don't have that? Simply send us samples of them. If we like what we see, we'll ask for more.
⇒ Interviews should be of like-minded, creative young individuals accompanied with high-quality photos and theirs credits.
 Six-hundred words min. and two-thousand words max. for editorials, Dear Diary entries (personal essays), non-fiction (humor encouraged!), letters, etc.
 For fiction, attach up to three different poems or a fiction piece (e.g. short story) with a max. of two-thousand words.


For photography and art/illustrations, the pieces require a title and a description of the inspiration behind it.
⇒ All images must be attached as low-resolution. If we like them, we will ask you to send them again as high-resolution.

 ⇒ All work must be original/yours, and be unpublished/unseen in any other publications and platforms.

If you also are submitting your work elsewhere while submitting here, please update us on whether they've published your work or not. 

Since we have no themes, thus giving great flexibility for publishing, you may only submit one package of work per month (e.g. a photo essay and a poem).

   We will try to get back to you in no more than three weeks. If your submission has been picked, then congratulations! We are so excited to feature your work on WRITTEN CITIZEN. If not, that means you can submit your work elsewhere and still have plenty of time to brainstorm for another potential package to submit another time. 

We can't wait to see your submissions!