WRITTEN CITIZEN was founded in the summer of 2014 by Zoe Gilligan

   A contemporary arts + culture + humanities webzine, the angle of WRITTEN CITIZEN is to share the thoughts and wonders of today's youth worldwide through visuals, arts, audio, and words. We also love to support and encourage any other fellow young intellectuals and their desires to learn, be heard, and create. Here at WRITTEN CITIZEN, we push the norm and kick conformity to the curb. 
   The WRITTEN CITIZEN staff, a diverse and highly talented family, is dedicated to digitally embodying our generation. We are based on the sole foundations of creative discovery, honesty, and friendship. We are an independently woke hub for the curious young ones who wish to reflect, contemplate, absorb, and be inspired. We highly encourage being and not becoming, as well as roaming around the world and our own narratives. We belong where the art takes us.
   WRITTEN CITIZEN is that webzine you open up and read in a foreign city, in a coffee shop, under the covers on a Sunday morning, on the steps of your local vintage bookshop or flower shop, on the subway/tube, on a rooftop, in a garden, or simply in a quiet spot that may or may not have a spectacular view of wherever you happen to be. 

Words quoted from 'Beauty is the Beast', written by Founding Editor-in-Chief, Zoe Gilligan, for WRITTEN CITIZEN in January 2015, that really identifies with the whole point of WRITTEN CITIZEN:

"So, it is up to us, Citizens. We are the architects of what comes next. A good architect must realize, though, that in order to create a resolute future off which we can build, we must knock down the current structures to make a difference. 
How will you make a difference?"

We are the people for the people,
aiming to make a difference.
Read on, Citizens.

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