Zoe Gilligan | Founding Editor-in-Chief

Zoe is a seventeen year-old Philly girl (though wishes she was a Gilmore girl) currently in a Toronto world. She is a regular contributor for Crybaby Zine and a freelance arts and culture writer, having her work published both digitally and in print since she was fourteen years-old. She's previously worked on staff with Cherry Magazine, Recens Paper, and Mad Sounds Magazine, and has also been published in Art Hoe Collective, Ugly Magazine, and Three Line Poetry, among many other places.
   If Eloise and that Japanese prince ever had a lovechild, that would probably be Zoe.  

"The quiet part of the song is a part of the song."

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Writing Department

The innovative minds behind everything art + culture + humanities related on WRITTEN CITIZEN.

Christel Langue | Features Editor + Chief Consultant

Christel is a nineteen year-old New Yorker of Central-African and French descent. She has lived in New York City since the age of five, with her mother being from Paris and father from the Central African Republic. Christel is currently studying Journalism at Lehigh University. Aside from WRITTEN CITIZEN, Christel is a freelance stylist and contributor to the Huffington Post.
   A very analytic and observant character, she has a particular love for films that delve into the human psyche, such as ComplianceAmerican Psycho, and Fight Club


Keep up with Christel and her adventures at college and on the Upper East Side through her Instagram.

Georgia Williams | Creative Director + Consultant

Georgia is a seventeen year-old creator from and currently based in London. When she's not lost in reverie, she'll be found reading, watching films, or taking photographs.
   An aspiring photographer and writer, she lives and breathes words and visuals, forming the hot mess that is her head. Paris, Lisbon, and Istanbul are her favourite (albeit conventional) places. Georgia's an outspoken coffee devourer, who admires the old and the new. She wants a cat.

"I think it'd be great to own a fun concept store with my friends and just sell books and records."


Check out Georgia's portfolio here, Tumblr here, and Instagram here for an abundance of photographs of coffee.

Zoe Allen | Editorial Editor

Zoe, fondly known as Eoz, is a sixteen year-old Dallas, Texas resident who will be moving to New York City in the winter. She constantly finds herself putting more emotions into sporting events than into relationships. Zoe is the Arts Editor for her school newspaper, a filmmaker, Vice President of her school's political action club, an editorial writer and poet for Mad Sounds Magazine and Crybaby Zine. She plans on pursuing journalism and media after high school. She enjoys debating with her parents about politics, clothing choices, and her curfew. She listens to obscure music, likes obscure things, and is an obscure person. She is not at all tall, and not at all boring. 
   Here at WRITTEN CITIZEN, she aims to capture the glory and beauty of humans through interviews, editorials, and her own human nature. 

"Perhaps a heart is the size of a fist because we were built to fight for what we love."


If you have any questions for her, you can contact Eoz through her Instagram or Twitter.

Brindy Francis | Assistant Editorial Editor

Brindy is a sixteen year-old who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). She is an editorial writer for Local Wolves Magazine and a contributing writer for Mad Sounds Magazine. Brindy attends Innovations Early College High School and takes her theatre classes at Highland High School. She has a variety of music tastes and has a strong love for live concerts and making mix CDs for her friends. Brindy's next goal is to graduate high school with her Associates Degree and start getting to know the drums and guitar a little more. Her number one goal is to grow, and here at WRITTEN CITIZEN, she can do just that.


Get in touch with Brin through her Instagram.

Alyssa Gengos | Senior Writer

California has always been Alyssa's home, but she's headed off to college in New York City this upcoming September. She loves cloudy weather, since she rarely gets it. She drives a Volkswagen Beetle named Sadie and her favorite Beatle is Ringo. 
   A writer, musician, artist, student, daughter, sister, and perfectionist, Alyssa's nervous habits include tidying, reorganizing, and decorating. Her favorite possession is a four-leaf clover she picked in a field in the middle of Ireland. She dreams of working for some awesome, creative company in NYC while dancing around to The Strokes in a white-walled apartment with the most fantastic wardrobe ever. 

Check out Alyssa's crossovers between the American east and west coasts on her Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Emily Zheng | Senior Writer

Emily Zheng is an aspiring author who hopes to inspire and empower others, whether it is on gaining self-confidence, rejecting conformity, or fighting for what one believes in. She values creative living without fear, which she aims to do through her work. An avid activist for environmental conservation, Emily strives to better the earth through volunteering and living sustainably. She loves slam poetry, indie music, and veganism. Emily dreams of exploring the world and documenting her experiences. Messy and imperfect, she values compassion, creativity, and ambition. In her free time, she reads too many books, makes smoothie bowls, and goes on adventures with her friends.



Read Emily's personal blog here, and follow her on Instagram here.

Irine Le | Senior Writer

Irine is a sixteen year-old residing in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA. A writer at heart, she loves to channel her love for music, various early '00s teen dramas, and interviewing artists through writing. 
She loves frozen yogurt, old Jack Johnson songs, and Buffalo Exchange deals. Aside from writing, you can often find Irine wishing she was Dana Scully, getting lost on public transportation, and furiously sobbing over Sufjan Stevens songs.


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Johanna Stiefler Johnson | Senior Writer

Johanna, is an eighteen year-old Swedish-American third culture kid (TCK). She grew up in Vietnam, Mongolia, the UAE, and Thailand, to name a few. This lifestyle of constant travel has defined who she is in an immeasurable way.
   Her main source of happiness is art. She often has her nose buried in a book and works hard toward the goal of someday publishing her writing. Her chief inspirations are Margaret Atwood and Anne Sexton.
   Some of Johanna's obsessions include literature, history, music, the environment, intersectional feminism and contributing to the long-overdue destruction of the patriarchy. She is insufferably emotional, and feels everything — both positive and negative — with great depth. Johanna is currently spending her gap year in Italy.


Travel the world with Johanna through her Instagram.

Kelli Moore | Contributing Writer

Kelli is a seventeen year-old intersectional feminist who was born and raised in South Jersey, USA. Everything and anything art-related is what keeps her going, as well as her positivity. She'll be studying at The New School in New York City in the fall where she will continue to write and create, and obsess over foxes and Angelina Jolie.

"I have no fear, I only have love."



You can find Kelli at her blog or posing for selfies on her Instagram.

Victoria Sandico | Senior Writer

Victoria is a secondary student living in Toronto, Canada. She is an enthusiastic music, literature, and cinema fan, and aspires to emulate the personas of numerous rockstars, like Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.
   Having lived in Canada for nine years, Victoria can speak English and French, and in the near future, hopes to learn new languages while traveling the world. 
   Some of Victoria’s hobbies include writing poetry, photography, painting with water colors, playing guitar, and making short films with friends. She is heavily inspired by directors like Wes Anderson and Gus Van Sant, and is in awe of their distinct, trademark styles. Some of her favorite films include My Own Private Idaho, Taxi Driver, Spirited Away, Cinema Paradiso, and Amélie.
   A flowerchild at heart, Victoria hopes to venture through a free-spirited life, derived from creativity and generosity. She is a young, passion-driven girl, who aspires to make a positive impact on the lives of others through her words, actions, and art.


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Anashe Barton | Senior Writer

Anashe is nineteen years-old from the San Francisco Bay, California. Currently, she's studying at the University of California, Berkeley. She loves taking photos, reading her Russian novels, learning languages, goofing around with her equally eclectic friends in urban settings or beautiful graveyards. One day, she wants to own a youth hostel in Scotland and write novels for the rest of her life.


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Nikki Bullock | Contributing Writer

Nikki is a seventeen year old currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her most prominent attributes are a constant use of biking slang as well as 90's slang, an overflowing amount of teen angst, and an undying love for anything Wes Anderson or Hayao Miyazaki make. She owns a hairless cat, and never tries to judge a book by its cover but her passion for the aesthetic of old books has lead her to a dry read on colonialism once or twice. One day Nikki hopes to be a successful filmmaker, but until then you'll find her making rinky dink films and playing hooky at her favorite local theater eating coffee flavored ice cream.

Ann LeMonnier | Contributing Writer

Annie/Lou is a 16 year old queer dancer and Harry Styles enthusiast, living minutes away from NYC in Jersey. Her main inspiration comes from Amandla Stenburg and Tavi Gevinson and and may or may not be the girl Drake cries about in all his songs.


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Fashion Department

The vogue minds behind the brilliant style-based editorials on WRITTEN CITIZEN.

Yiling Zhao | Fashion Editor

Yiling, a fifteen year-old student who is finding her way from city to city and country to country, now resides as a modernistic Torontonian, chasing after her dreams à la mode. Her biggest hobby includes explaining fashion through semiotics, and she is a firm believer of fashion having the power to transform an image and make just about any social statement. It is always changing, slightly elusive, extremely seductive, and there she is, always right behind it all.
   Her wish has been to one day find a formative group of individuals asking and answering questions, along with determining who we are, what we are going to believe about ourselves, life, and people. Quite frankly, she believes to have found that right here at WRITTEN CITIZEN.


Keep up with Yiling's Toronto life, travels, and worldly adventures on her Instagram

Visuals Department

The killer people behind the lenses of the exquisite photography on WRITTEN CITIZEN.

Delaney Hoffman | Director of Photography + Consultant

Delaney is an intersectional feminist, playlist-maker, and photographer from Northern California. Things she loves include Twin Peaks, art, and poetry. Things she doesn't love include American Idol, religious/racial intolerance, and hard drugs.
   Most of her days are spent stewing in her own teenage angst, planning shoots and working at an ice-cream store, and being desperate to get out of her small, small town. She firmly believes that there is subtle beauty in most, if not all, things—except for like, Stalin—and regularly taking time to try to explore the wonderful people and places around her―even if that means neglecting her academic responsibilities at times. (Sorry, Mom.)
   Music has profoundly impacted Delaney in the way she acts creatively. Some of her favorite bands are: Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Jeffrey Lewis, Andrew Bird (they're kind of soloists, but whateva') and Alt-J. Her work has also been heavily influenced by films such as Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, Dead Poets Society, Trainspotting, and every single animated movie made by the iconic Bratz Doll franchise.

She leaves you with this thought: "Art grows from burst soap bubbles, from shriveled hearts, from the spying cerebellum...", so keep your eyes open as much as possible.



See more of Delaney's work on her Instagram or portfolio.

Antonio Perricone | Contributing Photographer

Antonio, born to English and Italian parents, is a seventeen year-old photographer and student living in a really boring, but occasionally romantic, suburban town thirty minutes outside of London, UK. He loves studying English literature, French, and art at school, and he can just about speak both French and Italian, with the hope of one day living in Paris for a little while. 
   Antonio photographs all kinds of people, from fashion bloggers to models and musicians, to family and friends. His photos are usually focused around the themes of England, adolescence, and sh*tty weather. (He actually for real doesn’t like the sun that much.) 
   From his photography to his writing, Antonio likes honesty — no makeup, no hair, and 'no cheap tricks', to quote Raymond Carver. That doesn’t mean that he’s against romanticizing, though. Antonio is constantly imagining how his life would look like in a film (or failing that in an Instagram post), but he usually bursts the romance-bubble daily when he falls over and hurts himself, as he once did, three times, on a single photo-shoot. (RIP Antonio.)

"If I don’t feel it, I ain’t fakin, no, no." 
- Rihanna


Stalk Antonio’s work and random bits of his life on his Instagram and see his portfolio on his website here.

Charlotte Clara | Contributing Photographer

Charlotte is a freelance photographer residing in Germany. Her work has been published in places like Thistle Magazine and Homework Magazine, among many others.


See more of Charlotte's work on her portfolioInstagramFlickr, and Facebook.

Dalia Janian | Senior Photographer

Dalia is an ambitious eighteen year-old teenager from Montreal, Canada, though she desires to live on the moon and/or in San Francisco someday. She spends most of her time taking photographs of her friends and family, and makes short experimental films. Aside from her admiration for Beat poetry and jazz, she also collects a wide variety of things, such as books, records, films, and so on and so forth. Career-wise, she plans to become either a photographer and/or cinematographer.

"The things you own end up owning you."
- Fight Club (1999)

See more of Dalia's work on her Instagram, Tumblr, or Vimeo.

Jason Lim | Senior Photographer 

Jason, who's from Malaysia, definitely isn’t the typical average-joe that you would meet. He is fluent in English, yet knows very little of Chinese and Malay. 
   Besides fashion and photography, Jason also likes meeting new people, traveling, and exploring as much as he can. During his free time, he daydreams and lets his mind wander off the universe into a complete unknown galaxy, wishing no one will ever tell him how to live his life. 
   Jason's life revolves around unending innuendos that he had with his friends in college, which soon becomes their one source of entertainment.


Find more of Jason's work on his Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.

Natalie Montero Lugo | Contributing Photographer 

Natalie is a sixteen year-old photographer based in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico who's had her work published in Vogue Italia (digital), Homework Magazine, Teeth Magazine, and Blue Roses. She has passion for music, film-photography, and books.

"Everything is amazing and nobody is happy."


Check out more of Natalie's photography on her Instagram.

Taylor Stout | Contributing Photographer

Taylor is a freelance photographer based in California, USA.


Look at Taylor's portfolio here, and follow her on Instagram here, Tumblr here, and Flickr here.

Audio Department

Covering the best of music at WRITTEN CITIZEN.

Blakey Bessire | Music Editor

Blakey is an intersectional feminist, artist and activist living in Portland, Maine. She is an illustrator, a painter, a writer, a knitter, and an avid filmmaker. In the distant future she would like to live on a sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands, though of late she longs for the city.
   Besides her work with WRITTEN CITIZEN, Blakey freelance illustrates and is a contributing writer for The Pulp Zine. She is also in the process of creating her own zine, titled Cosmic Twin.


You can follow Blakey on her Instagram, and find her portfolio here.