Coffee Shop Love

I'm unsure if this is just me or if others too experience this feeling that I have labelled: "coffee shop love". This is the feeling you get when you see someone from across the room and fall in love. Coffee shops tend to be the place I most often experience this, hence the name. However, by no means is it limited solely to occur there. Now, this may be commonly confused with or brushed aside as love at first sight, but it is an entirely different type of love all together.

It's seeing someone as more than their physical appearance, which I believe love at first sight refers to (although them being attractive never hurts). Coffee shop love is falling in love with them because they are reading one of your favorite books or loving the way they brush the hair behind their ears. To put it simply, it's falling in love with the little things about a person you can only notice as a stranger or as a person sitting two seats over from them. This is not to say that one cannot love the little things about a person while knowing them or having a relationship with them. This is absolutely possible and actually most likely.

Nevertheless, the ability to see these things and appreciate them from afar keeps the person pure, so to speak. You only see them as the beautiful qualities they possess untarnished by possible flaws. In that fleeting moment, they are perfect. To me, this "coffee shop love" is something truly magical: to see someone and feel your heart swell with love for this complete stranger because to you for a second they are perfect. It is to experience what I believe to be true love for the lapse in time you see them or even exchange a few words with them.

A quote from one of my favorite films, Sing Street, seems to about sum up this idea of coffee shop love: "When you don't know someone, they're more interesting. They can be anything you want them to be, but when you know them, there's limits to them." I think being able to recognize and appreciate the beauty of this type of love is quite important. Being able to experience this love will give you greater admiration for people as a whole and for love in its actuality. Being able to love someone for the little things will help you take notice in everyone's little things. You see, the secret to "coffee shop love" is that if you experience it once, you can experience it with everyone.

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