Perfect Picture: An Anthem for Lost Love

Words by Sarah Kearns / @sarahlynnkearns
Visual courtesy of Gold Medal /

Written in cramped dorm rooms, rehearsed in cluttered apartments, and recorded in CU Records- Perfect Picture was a full-blown passion project. The debut single by Gold Medal embodies months of collaborative songwriting and late-night jam sessions by Columbia University’s most eccentric students.

Nothing ever merged so perfectly. The intermingling of Alyssa Gengos on lead vocals, Sebastian Choe on bass, Tim Goodwin on guitar, and Maurice Marion on synth provided a genuine alternative to 1970’s new wave. Perfect Picture channels the Strokes, Interpol, and the simultaneous commotion and desperation of a modern-day millennial.

Nonetheless, its lyrics were as far from traditional teenage angst as you could get; “In my arms I’ll take you if you let me try.” Perfect Picture reflects on the struggle of growing distance between adolescents in relationships as they encounter adulthood. As a sixteen-year-old who has never been in a serious relationship, I can’t say I’ve gone through the same experiences. I have never felt true love, but I still related heavily. As I listened to Perfect Picture, heartbreak over broken friendship rose in my throat. I couldn’t put it into words, but Alyssa Gengos did that for me.

This tune was wistful; almost melancholy. You could even say it is nostalgic. I envision hearing Perfect Picture being softly played out of the speakers in my favorite cafe or slow-danced to by couples at junior prom. Perfect Picture is meant to be loved by old soul millennials, sang by youthful oldies.

The first time I heard Perfect Picture was in the car with my mom. We rolled down the windows and ran our hands through the frigid air, singing and laughing. You couldn’t hear the lyrics over our noise, but it didn’t matter. Gold Medal had given us something. Perfect Picture was our anthem, for the love that had slipped through our fingers like cold wind.

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