You Can Call Me Queen Bee: The Crown Review


I spent most of my angsty twelve year old phase listening to Mayday Parade and being obsessed with the British royal family. Two completely different things... but hey, it was 2011 and I was a hormonal and confused almost teenager. Five years later, I wistfully remembered those dreams as I logged onto my email during fifth period government, and seeing an email from Netflix about the new series, The Crown. The description was simple: an original Netflix show about the early days (at least in season one) of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. 

I’ve watched my fair shares of films about the royal family and can safely say that I’ve cringed more than enjoyed them. Hesitantly, I logged onto my Netflix account to watch it. It was a combination of not wanting to write my essay about the electoral college, and wanting to see if this show would be slightly less cringeworthy than documentaries I’ve watched in the past. 

The first episode sets the stage with the marriage between then Princess Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and soon-to-be Prince Philip (Matt Smith), and their lives about five years down the line. Off the bat, there’s something distinctive about this show that few historical shows I’ve watched before don’t have. Maybe it was my embarrassing infatuation with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who when I was in middle school. As I got through the two episodes, it was no surprise to me that Claire Foy poignantly portrays Princess Elizabeth. From her remarkable blue eyes to her gracefully soft speech, Foy’s acting is uncanny to what you believe a royal should be like. The next few episodes do a beautiful job of portraying Elizabeth’s road to the crown, the complicated lives of her family members, and England in the fifties. 

I’m only on the fifth episode (watching it as I’m writing this now), so I’m not fully able to give away spoilers, but there’s something about The Crown that urges you to keep watching every time you finish an episode. The regal costumes, spacious and grand palaces, and complex characters all make you nostalgic for a place and time you’ve never physically experienced before. Just like Lorde sang in her hit song, I guess we’ll never be royals (no matter how much I want to as I ignore the direction of this election right now and binge watch this show).

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