The Pintellectual: An Interview with GoodGood Pins

It comes as no surprise to anyone around me that I, as well as many other people, love the flair that a pin can add to an outfit. Whether it's a common, pretty pin decorated in flower patterned enamel, or a specific fan-fiction, cult classic pin of your favorite film, anyone can get joy out of collecting and pinning. I was lucky enough to speak to Kimberly, the brains behind GoodGood Pins, back in April of this year. We spoke about favorite films, fellow pin makers, and her future plans.

WC: We'll start off really simple, what is your favorite pin in your shop?
K: Oh man! That's not so simple! That's such a hard choice, I don't make pins I wouldn't wear myself, so I pretty much love them all. Let's see, my current favorite is probably Nick Cave.

WC: Since many of your pins are movie-related, what's your favorite movie(s)?
K: I LOVE movies, I'm a bit of a nerd about them. I would have to say some of my favorite movies are Die Hard, High Fidelity, Wet Hot American Summer, Ghostbusters, and Beetlejuice.

WC: I'd consider myself a movie nerd too! What would you say was your biggest inspiration to start making pins?
K: When I started making pins, my best friend Jess (@donotdisturbstore) and I were talking about all the cool nerdy movie and music pins we wish were out in the world. Our friend Eric (@methsyndicate) had been in the game for awhile and gave us some advice and then both of us just started making designs we wanted to wear. When I first started, I didn't think anyone would buy the pins I made. I just thought a few friends would buy them and that would be it.

Cry Baby Walker, Hearts, and No Crying pins. @kellilynnmoore on Instagram

WC: That's so cool! That's so inspirational for others out there who also want to start making pins or art.
K: It's been really fun to come up with new designs and see what people gravitate towards. Designs I think will go over huge, end up being a slow burn, and then others that I think no one will care about become huge hits!

WC: Is pin making your creative outlet? Or do you also make other types of art?
K: I'd like to think I'm a photographer, but I have a full time job and the pins have become my second job. For now, pins are my creative outlet.

WC: Whether it's in your business or just in life in general, who or what would you view as your biggest inspiration?
K: In business, my biggest inspiration has been my oldest sister Suzanne, she started hand making beautiful jewelry while her kids were in school. It's been so inspiring seeing her succeed. In life, it's my parents. I strive to make them proud, as cheesy as that sounds.

WC: How do your parents feel about your business?
K: My parents love it and think it's hilarious. They share it on Facebook and tell their friends. I don't think it's helping with sales, but it's very sweet that they like it. I don't think they necessarily GET it but they love that I'm having fun with it.

WC: It's so important to have a strong support system like that. Are there any fellow pin makers that you admire and support?
K: Oh my gosh, I have a long list! @donotdisturbstore, @nomoreindustries, @methsyndicate, @ourdivision, @hoofarded, @hippo_sausage, @monstersoutside, @nothingpins, @otherworldshop, @loudobnoxious, @toughtimespress, @creepycompany, @dasbootleg, @worldfamousoriginal, @nevermade, @bracelegscollective, @killemwithcuteness, @penelopegazin, @tuesdaybassen, @laserkittenSeriously so many amazing pin makers right now.

WC: I love so many of those people! Tuesday Bassen was one of the first pin makers I fell in love with. It's crazy how many different forms of art there are, including pin making.
K: I know! All of the people I mentioned and many others are pushing the limits! It's so amazing and really cool to be apart of this amazing movement right now. Their work really pushes me to think outside of the box and try and come up with new designs and new ideas.

WC: That's so funny that you say that, because my next question was if you've been thinking about any new designs, or are you currently making anything new?
K: I am! I'm always thinking of something new. My friends can probably tell you that it's ridiculous at this point, we'll be out somewhere or watching something and I think "oh that could be a cool pin!" and I add it to my ever-growing list. I just came out with these little baseball bobblehead pins, where the head actually movies from side to side, they're pretty cool. As for new stuff, I'm working on a few pins from the movies I mentioned previously. Don't want to give too much away! And then I'm also part of an art show at my favorite gallery, Gallery 1988, in Los Angeles in June, where I'll be debuting a few new designs. Unfortunately I have to keep them a secret for now, but I'm really excited about them.

Pins offered at GoodGood Pins. From the GoodGood Pins Instagram.

WC: I'm sure they'll be amazing. Do you have any goals for the future of your business?
K: Honestly, I don't. At this time I'm having fun with it. I'm doing a few pin/patch shows and meeting new friends, all while coming up with fun designs. I would like to continue to collaborate with bands and other artists/friends and see where it goes.

WC: Any final words or advice that you could give to those who are thinking about entering to this business?
K: My advice wouldn't be just about getting into pins but business as a whole; if you have an idea for something, and no one else is doing it, or you think you can improve upon it, go for it! Be creative! Be kind to others and work with people, you don't have to do it on your own.

You can find Kimberly and her store on Instagram, Facebook, and on the GoodGood Pins website.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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