Christian Siriano SS17

  Words by Ann LeMonnier/ @cooljewishboyy

   Though I tragically couldn't attend Christian Siriano's SS17 runway show this year, *sigh high school*, I was thrilled to have the honor of being invited at this year's New York Fashion Week. The lovely PR team sent me a collection of photographs from the seemingly larger than life production.
   For this year's Spring/Summer line presentation, Siriano was inspired by the isle of Capri in the 60s and 70s. Using citrus, oranges, and turquoise to represent the scenic beaches and fit of a world traveled woman. With a star studded front row and several stories blended perfectly; with such attention to detail, Siriano no doubt lived up to the expectation of most diverse designer of SS17 NYFW.

Siriano's front row featuring iconic fashion figures such as Coco Rocha and Christina Hendricks

Siriano kicked off the show with a display of simple, yet elegant pinstriped looks. Using chiffon and ribbing to emphasize the idea of a vacationing and jet set woman. I was especially blown away by the laid back elegance of it all, every piece represents power (as a pinstripe tends to connote) and simple accessories such as sunglasses and a straw hat. 
Onto a completely different yet blended approach, models strutted in a gorgeous watercolor print featuring popping oranges and blues against simple backgrounds, creating a "tropical chic" idea. I especially loved how Siriano spread his color palette out throughout the presentation yet connected back to every story incorporated (ex: the pinstripes against watercolor to the right). 
Transitioning off from the simple, bright turquoise graced the runway featuring a diverse array of fabrics and stylization including fringe, crepe, and ribbons. Going off his reputation of covering all areas of style, Siriano used the seemingly daunting color to match every woman and still hold to his exotic and holiday based vision. 
Just as the blue left our sight, citrus oranges appeared and I was truly in awe of how sophisticated and wearable this color looked through Siriano's designs. Combining the tropical and eye catching shade, these looks featuring fringe, PVC, and silk display the talent of Siriano and his ability of creating ready to wear.
Venturing away from the bright hues, black made its debut on the runway and god was it alluring. Taking inspiration from the 70s, Siriano's designs represent an gorgeous take off classic elegance and style, introducing the ever so perfectly placed detailing of scalloping, slits, and lace to the line. 
In a classic Christian Siriano fashion (pun not intended), the next story was a complete shift in palette and showcased a different side of elegance presenting jewel embellishment and a more flowing look from the straight leg and crop tops previously shown. 
Can there be some middle ground? Siriano's SS17 presentation closed off in a gorgeous array of black and white patterning and geometric beauty. 

As always, Christian Siriano provided a surreal and ready to wear fashion experience that transported an audience with his vision. Siriano's SS17 line premiered for sale on Amazon immediately after the show on September 10th. 

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