Coffee, Cars, and a Conveniently Lost Generation


Lately I've been thinking our generation. The world is so insanely messed up that most of us just don't know exactly what to do with ourselves.


Funny, isn't it? We find ourselves in the same position of the youth exactly one hundred years ago--the Lost Generation.

What do we do in the midst of carnage?

Coffee, but of course.

And so we sit down one cup after another, aimlessly searching cafe to cafe looking for one to meet our needs. And,  maybe even find the human interaction we crave to convince us that this world is not so bad as we think it is.

We don’t know what we want or what we need. But, we find ourselves in coffee shop after coffee shop just the same. Somewhere between the cups of the acidity we find ourselves pets, spinsters of the past, and terrible cranks about the future.

It's a time to contemplate for us while we can only wait and wait and wait to see something run into our little roads. And even the trips in the little cars that break down and hiss do not give us the answers.

 We are not wanderers.

We are lost children trying to find our way in the coined “little things” of a lackluster life. But what are the little things? And, do they even matter?
at a cafe on the left bank, paris....where it all began

We are the Lost Generation

And so red car after red car we go, climbing mountains and sliding down them. We do so much yet here we find ourselves sipping another cup of coffee waiting for the next thing to start. 

When will it be enough? Perhaps, never. We strive for perfection--an ideal crafted by the dumbest of idiots. 
Perhaps, we ought to stop going about this wanderlust business, bantering on and on about some unreachable stair.

Maybe we should ground ourselves into something tangible. Don't mistake this grounding for coffee grounds, darlings.

 We’re living in a daze of handwritten letters and European romantics. Perhaps all those coffee shops and cute corners are just a slap on the face.

All photos are of cafes in and around the Bay Area, California.


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