besos: a poem


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the first day we went sailing you asked me if anyone had been flirting with me,
which you followed up by asking if you could flirt with me,
and it was lame but really cute because I know you have a hard time opening up.
of course, I said yes and a day later but really it felt like a moment later we were kissing--
soft, then eventually with passion I had never experienced--on the floor of the music room.
every moment I spent with you from there on out felt like it had already happened because weeks passed by like milliseconds...
everything was in past tense, and it confused me and I wasn’t sure of a lot of things.
but I was sure about me and you and out of all the things going on inside my mind you made the most sense.
you explained all of these theories about relativity and the universe to me but the entire time I was wishing someone could explain to me how and why I felt so strongly about you.
eventually, I grew to understand.
we kissed a lot because kissing you was like melting into you, becoming something so perfect and beautiful and everything I could ever dream of.
I fell for you harder and faster than ever before and became yours and you became mine and nothing else really mattered.
time passed and I had to leave you and I cried for spans of time that lasted for ages and so did you.
you live three hours from me but we said that we are going to make this work because “you’re worth it”.
you’re worth the entire world, and the stars, and the sun, and I want to give you everything because I feel like that is what you have given me.
you’re the light of my life, the thought that my mind is always processing and cherishing.
the idea that will get me through the darkest of nights and be responsible for my happiest of days.

el amor de mi vida.

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