Travel Diary: Alpine, Wyoming


My favorite part about summer is the potential adventure it holds. A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Alpine, Wyoming for river rafting. We got at the campsite at around 2:00 AM and set up our tents with our puffy coats while the cold mountain air hit us. 

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of yummy food, and laughter. There was a huge group of river-lovers. Different groups went out on the river at different times; I got the chance to go in the early morning. 

We headed down and three rafts jump on Snake River. The sun was beating down pretty hard on us (which gave me an intense sunburn). The overall journey down the river was about three hours. We went down some mellow rapids and stop at a nice open area for some quick grub before we hit the water again.

Right after we finished eating, we hit the biggest rapids of all: Lunch Table and Big Kahuna. Almost flipping over, we were absolutely soaked but at least we felt refreshed. We noticed a girl doing some yoga on the side of the river for us. She gave us a wave. At the end, I was invited to go yet another time down the river. So, all in all, I spent about six-seven hours on Snake River. 

Tired and red-skinned, we headed back to the camp-site for some spaghetti and garlic bread and relaxation time until we were ready to head to our tents.

On day two, we woke up and lay in our hammocks, enjoy the small stream next to us. We got ready and hopped in the car for a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Once we got there, we entered a small gallery-sort-of place where it introduces the town of Jackson: its great accomplishments, and beautiful landscapes. We then became hungry and walked to get some pizza from Pinky G's

Budweiser sign located in Jackson's local pizza place: Pinky G's
Jackson Museum, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Fellow slack-liner in the middle of Jackson Park
After hitting a few cute shops, we ambled back to camp. There was no time to get back on the river, so we ate our dinner, went to Alpine Lake, and threw our paddle boards on the water. I had a quick swim and enjoyed the sun as it sets until we had to head back and get some sleep.

Day three came and we were all sunburnt and tired. We decided to get on the river one last time. This time, we noticed a bald eagle swooping above our heads. There were tall trees everywhere. I felt the need to just hop of the raft and explore the trees on the side. We spotted some cliff jumpers and cheered them on. At the end, we laid on the hot ground as we dried off. Next thing we knew, we were off and heading home. 

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