Getting to Know Laura Lucy of Local Wolves


Laura Lucy is a vibrant young illustrator for Local Wolves Magazine. Her art speaks volumes and so does the natural eye for beauty. Read below to get inside this creative's mind!

WRITTEN CITIZEN: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

LAURA LUCY: I guess I could call myself an illustrator. Though this has been solidified for quite some time, the idea is still so strange to me. Nearly my entire life, I've preferred painting to drawing, and I never expected to end up pursuing a career that is so heavy in, well, drawing. 
   I consider myself somewhat of a renaissance woman.­­ That is, I do a little bit of everything: I keep a lifestyle blog where I am able to write to my heart's content — I am so fascinated by writing — I embroider, I paint, I take photographs, I design blogs, I create collages, and I play the piano on occasion. I am a great fan of anything handwritten; in fact, I start every single project on paper and I scratch down any first drafts with a pen. I am from Chicago, but I have a love­-hate relationship — emphasis on the hate part — with the weather here. I wish to move somewhere warmer in the future. I love spending time outdoors, especially when it is warm and the sun dances on the pavement. I am a music fanatic and I can spend hours discovering new tunes or making playlists for friends; music is always playing somewhere in the background. My left eyebrow is my favorite.
WC: I love it! What are your favorite mediums of art?

LL: My grand love of painting actually surfaced after I began using oils. ­­I may not use it daily, but oil paint hands down IS my favorite medium with which to work. My go­-to mediums when it comes to illustration include archival ink pens, watercolor, and gouache. I also reach for the embroidery floss quite often.

WC: What drives you to create?

LL: Hmmm, I suppose it all comes down to the joy and assurance art brings others. My drive was really something egocentric back when I began; I started drawing and painting at a very young age, so it was natural for me. I created for a feeling of self-­contentedness.  As time passed and I decided to share my work with the world, it became more about spreading positivity. Sure, there is nothing more motivating than seeing your own progress, but making viewers feel something in what you’ve produced is the most beautiful incentive for creating.

WC: What are you doing now, or working towards?

LL: Currently, I am illustrating for Local Wolves Magazine, on top of taking commissions and running my own Etsy shop while I'm studying. All of this entails countless hours spent at my desk, drawing and painting, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I sincerely hope to own a small business in the future. My dream is to be able to earn a living by doing what I love­­ that is creating.

WC: How do you interact with your environment?

LL: Well, I try to take advantage of my environment as much as I can. I make an effort to absorb the world with my eyes and I try to see the good in everything. I attempt to capture that in the art I create; I want others to observe the beauty lying in even the ugliest of places, as I do. 
   I must say, I've also taken advantage of my online environment, too. A little over a year ago, I opened 
an Instagram account, with much hesitation, but I did. I needed a place that made it easy to share my endeavors and it turned out to be the perfect solution. Because of a seemingly silly app, I was able to grow my audience and business, all while being introduced to an amazing community of people. I couldn't have done anything without all of those sweet souls. 

WC: What inspires you?

LL: I'm really inspired by human behavior and my surroundings. My pieces tend to reflect gender roles — past and present — and the fondness I contain for plants. I am in love with stories of the past, so I often draw ideas out of vintage photographs or magazines. I often contemplate others' actions or words, and I attempt to translate them onto paper in the form of human subjects and sometimes brief phrases. 
   Maybe this one is less deep, but Pinterest inspires me to a great degree. Looking at photographs and forming stories to match them often elicits some of my best ideas. It comes down to the fact that I am a very visual person and because of this, I am able to find inspiration in daily life. Oftentimes, I want to put my own emotions and experiences down on paper because I know that someone out there can relate.
WC: Do you have any long term goals?

LL: I've mentioned this a few questions back, but my most prominent long­-term goal is to have the ability to make a living whilst doing what I love. I want to continue making other humans happy through the things I create. I want to show those who don't already know it, that dreams are within reach via hard work and patience; that sounds a little cliché, but I honestly mean it. 

WC: What is your personal philosophy?
LL: I live by one really important rule that I can’t stress enough: if you sincerely love something, if you put your heart and soul into what you are doing, if you work hard and relentlessly, you will be successful in whatever it is you pour yourself into. 

WC: Describe to us your style.

LL: It's always so hard to put it into words. I suppose my style is very simple­­ — clean lines, nothing too busy, plenty of white space, and generally an absence of abundant color (when it comes to my illustrations). My pieces are definitely contemporary and I don’t have a specific direction. What I create evolves as I do. I like change, but I like to maintain some kind of consistency­­ repeating that something that makes my artwork, mine.

WC: Where can we find you?

LL: You can find me via my blog or on Instagram, and you can find and purchase my pieces on Etsy!


  1. I just adore this! Laura, you are a beautiful, talented, artistic inspiration. <3 xo

  2. Love these illustrations! You totally rock it! I guess when I WriteABook, you will be my first choice to illustrate my novels.

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