June Concerts Review


What's a good summer without some sweaty crowds and live music? During the month of June, I got to experience two of the best concerts I've been to: Washed Out and The Growlers.
On June 2nd, I hopped on the front-runner with my best friends and headed from Salt Lake City to Ogden, Utah. Ogden Twilight Series has finally begun and the venue is beautiful. Under the hot sun, we eat our snow cones and sit in a perfect spot before the show begins, while chatting with strangers and old friends.
   There were two openers. As we sat and observed the people around us, they played some tunes to get us ready for what is to come. After an hour or two of excitement, the band Washed Out appears on stage. We immediately stand up and hop to the front. Suddenly, everyone climbed over the VIP fence and it was quickly filled. I made it to the first row.
   A good portion of the time, my eyes were closed as the music flew into the crowd. Not a soul was still. You may know Washed Out from the Portlandia theme song, which they played for us as we stood speechless. Lead singer, Ernest Greene, had the crowd at his fingertips. Every change of tone, dance move, or hair flip had everyone in a trance.
   Before we knew it, we were out the door where security handed out free Cokes for some post-concert refreshment and we were back on the track again and headed for home.

Image by Brindy Francis | Washed Out, Ogden Twilight Series, 2016
June 22nd hits and work is requested off. I hit The Depot an hour early for a good front row spot. As my boy Harley and I played would-you-rather in line, we spotted bell-bottom babes and rock n' roll dream boys. As time goes by, the line begins to move and we end up in the front of the crowd.
   Our opener enters the stage. Billy Changer is with The Growlers on their Wet Dreams tour. The frontman comes out with some funky hair and sings his heart out while strumming on his well-kept guitar.
   After about a half hour to an hour of waiting, my dream of seeing The Growlers comes true. Lead singer, Brooks Nielsen, gives the crowd heart eyes for a good two hours. Chatting with a group a girl prior to the show, we all agreed that the mosh boys will have to wait on this show since The Growlers don't seem like much of a mosh band.
   Boy, were we wrong.
   Before the first song ended, I was pushed all the way to the middle of the crowd due to insane dance moves and jumping and immediately lost my front row spot. I did not complain much considering it was a bit more mellow back there. They played my favorite songs and ended with a bang. Without any thought, the crowd chanted, "ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG..." because we just weren't ready for an ending. They reappear and work their magic and we head out the door wishing we could to it all over again.

Image by @taylorbonin. Click here for my small clip of the show.

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