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Phoebe Bridgers, or as everyone else in the audience called her, 'fairy,' opened. Originally from a punk band, this woman has got incredible vocals, some sad tunes, and bomb diggity style. She was a real life fairy, and her music is all powerful, she got me soaking up every lyric like it was a bedtime story. Check out her rad song 'Killer.'

Standing only a few feet on stage in front of me with a scruffy beard, wispy blonde hair, and black t-shirt, was Matt Corby singing me to another world. Last week, I saw him live at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Matt's newest album, Telluric, combines grooves of 70s funk with the deep blues and jazzy hints. The album can fit any mood, and especially goes with beachy vibes here in California. It's hard to describe, but you gotta hear it yourself.

   Matt hails from Australia and first made his mark as a runner up on Australian Idol. Since then, he became popular with his first single 'Brother.' In addition to having mad vocals, Corby also plays the guitar, piano, banjo, drums, and a flute which makes an appearance in 'Sooth Lady Wine.'
   Matt's vocals are off the charts. He can go from high's to low's to that throaty howl. With loop pedal in hand, he gave us a show. Calculated harmonies and compulsory improvisations made the music leap out and dance with you. Matt's stage presence is on the quiet side. He simply looks down, leans into the mic, and lets sparks fly into everyone's ears.
   The combination of his fascinating instrumentals and voice made the experience unreal. I was in shock at how good he was. I cannot write anything because anything that I can think of with my own mind would be an understatement to how good he was. Throughout the concert I kept on thinking, "Who is this God-send angel?" or "He can't be human!" and "Is this for real?"
   It was also wonderful to hear some of his classics. The energy in the audience when the intro of 'Resolution' began was just moving; the fiery soul of 'Brother' was as well. The repetitive and groovy slow rhythm of 'Empires Attraction' had me swaying swaying swaying and 'Knife Edge' got me jumping. Every time I hear one of his songs, I hear something new, another part speaks out to me.

Never have I ever found someone who could make such magic with some brass, strings, and flesh before. I am so glad to have finally seen him live, in the flesh, a few feet away from me, after bawling over him all these years. Still young at twenty-five, Matt has a lot of time to continue to produce extraordinary tunes for the world. I'll be keeping my eye out.

Cheers to you Matt Corby. You're absolutely evidently out of this world.

Something's got to shake us out of this and save us.

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