The Sharpest of Thorns

WORDS AND VISUALS BY SANCIA HOLDEN / @_SANCIA                            

                           Blood doesn't always prove pain.                             

Heart, an open wound,
Blood drips to the soul,
Where the demons sit
And feed off our faults.

In your eyes I still look the same.
I know that eyes don't lie,
The sharpest device,
Hold every secret
Of the past thorns
We tried to cut,
To change,
To grow,

Conquered to hold.
Tired of the pain it involved,
Found a simpler flower,
One that wouldn't
weaken your power.

Spent days trying to tend to your own,
Never cut, nor picked
All the worst things about you,
I never wanted to change,
Just to know,
To own.

Too much of the same,
To play the game.
It was unnatural,
2AM is the worst time of night
Remember when I told you
Everything about my life

That's why I'm afraid of the night
The moon doesn't trust those 
Who abuse the dark,
Secrets we give away,
Then forget before the light.

Now I hold hands,
They don't reflect your own.
Battered and bruised at the bone.
That way scars show me everything
I need to know.

Don't trust myself
To look too far
Into souls
Thorns that cut me now,
Will only show blood
From the outside,
Demons dissolve.

Now every next one,
That tries to own you,
Promise yourself
That you will remain unknown to

                Start spending time on your own,
Thorns grow sharper
The best memories,
Begin to ache, cut and change
Petals grow darker.

More bruises and cuts
Start to show on you.
Maybe your doing things
Just to take away from 
That wound in your heart
That engulfs you.

           But now,
As you lay at home
Your bed as your throne
A boy spends his Sunday
Picking roses with the
Sharpest of thorns.

But so painful to hold.
He will try to cut them,
So he wont have to bleed,
But he should know
better than
To try and change things
that grow at their own speed.

He loves a girl that reminds
Him of a rose
So beautiful to look at,
So painful to hold.


  1. What a Heart wrenching poem, we have all been there at some point.
    Great illustration.
    look forward to more of your work

  2. You're very talented, Sancia. A beautiful poem.

  3. Lovely tone and fluidity - look forward to more of your work !

  4. This hit me pretty hard... beautiful, beautiful poem.
    xx Alyssa