The Canal (Venice)


The Canal

The sun on the water was repeated a
Thousand times; the water did not think that one
Sun was enough. 
It set little fires in the Grand Canal, and
You and I closed our eyes against it, put on sunglasses to match,
Gloated our love and youth with
Sneakered feet hanging lazily off the dock.
I was in the black thrift store dress,
Vine design in velvet, buttons across my left collarbone.
You wore the blue shirt with the pattern of
Threaded flowers that was only visible up-close -
This up-close a precious place reserved only
For me, head on your shoulder, fingers laced. 
Bangkok, London, Turin, Brighton. 
We blew bubbles through a little plastic hoop and
Watched them float across the canal, into the sky
Blindingly blue above our heads, pop! and they were gone.
People stared in awe at our glee, because it was the kind of
Happiness people spend
Entire lives searching for.

The Grand Canal.

Piazza San Marco, featuring St. Mark's Basilica and the Campanile.
A famous winged lion of Venice, guarding the city, and an equally famous Venetian pigeon on top!

One of the countless unique and pristine canals that Venice is so famous for, with apartment doors leading right into it.

Juliet's Balcony, of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (in Verona).

Verona's ancient Arena, on the right.

Sean and me in Murano, which is Venice's neighboring island famous for its glass.

The Bridge of Sighs.


  1. I LOVED your poem! Where can I get more?

    1. You're welcome to read some of the poems on my blog: :)

  2. Beautiful little poem with photos to match. This is so lovely!
    xx Alyssa