Happy Mother's Day MMXVI

Cartoon by Barbara Smaller. (Image found here)

In honor of Mother's Day, a few of our staffers have decided to share a few words about the women we know as Mom. To all of the mother's in the world, biological or not, today is your day and we say thank you, we love you, thank you.

Ann LeMonnier:

My mother and I are so similar that it sometimes drives wedges between us. We have the same pasts with anxiety along with overall mannerisms and I’m not complaining because she’s the most fabulous woman I know (ex: on the day gay marriage was legalized across America, the first thing she did was call me and advise me to find a nice jewish girl along with demanding grandchildren in the future). There are days where I barely see my mother due to the long hours she works but even though it’ll be 11 at night and she’s been out since 9 am, she’ll sit on my bed and let me completely dish to her about my new crush or how much I hate my hair or the new project I’m working on. She’s such an incredible support system and I can’t even begin to think about the effort and sacrifices she’s made to provide me with the resources I need to pursue what I love. No doubt is she the most important lady in my life and I can only hope to be so selfless and loving to my own children in the future.

Nikki Bullock:

My mother is magnificent from the way her eyes brim with love to the wild curls atop her head my mother is extraordinary with abundant positivity and her generosity overflowing my mother stunning with nails abused by worrying for me and a smile as contagious as the cold she risks catching as she kisses my forehead in spite of me being sick but most importantly my mother is a blessing without her I'd be lost
I wouldn't know how to laugh or how to love the little things in life my mother is a blessing and one I will never take for granted. Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere.

Emily Zheng:

I am a first generation American, and it is only through my grandmother's and my mother's struggles that I have the opportunities I have. My grandmother grew up poor, with barely enough to eat. Through her grit and hard work, she made enough money to provide for her family. My grandmother eventually became the first person in China to use the internet. My mother was in an abusive relationship when she had me, and she left our big house, our financial security, so I would be safe. She understands heartache, and she does everything in her being to shield me from it. My mother is a strong woman-at times relentless, excessive, even impolite, but strong. She may be stubborn as hell, but she always chases what she wants with more determination than anyone I know. She is far from idealistic, but she is the most honest (even when you don't want her to be) person I know. I am beyond thankful for all that she has done for me. To my mother today and beyond, thank you.

Christel Langué:

This is for the woman who birthed me in the front of a light blue Chrysler mini van 
On a hot Friday in June. 
To the woman who told me to never talk back, 
But also, never once silenced my voice--
I say thank you. 
A woman who I am so lucky to be the spitting image of 
And who's courage I model my own after. 
You taught me that as a woman of color in a broken world, 
We have responsibilities that extend far beyond ourselves. 
"Be intelligent
Be kind
Be your own person 
And make sure you have something to offer." 
To the woman with ears that never ignored The sound of my battle cries
You would fight to the death if anyone so much as pulled a hair from the top of my braided head.
Sacrifices were made in silence,
Fear never dared show its face beyond the shadows,
You are the strongest woman I have ever encountered. 
You are my guiding light,
Cloaked in confidence,
Decorated with dignity,
You are mom and today is one of many days that I say thank you. 

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