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Spring break is a time to travel to tropical places, catch rays of sun, and swim all day. Most people go to Cabo, Florida, or lay out by the pool for a vacation that lasts around seven days. But, not me.

Instead, I took a trip to Seattle, which is a place I've been wanting to visit since I was young. Though no pineapple floats, I was enamored with this jewel of a city.

This gem of a city captured my heart with its brick buildings, crisp air, and bustling life. Seattle is a town you want to walk through, so you don't miss out on its fantastic architecture, little shops, and cute street corners.

Pike Place (where I spent an unhealthy amount of time)


Chihuly Glass Museum

View from my room

Fresh crabs at Pike Place Market

 Met a lovely lavender boy. 
(All the lavender products are grown organically in Fife.)

Les tulipes de Pike Place

View the Seattle Great Wheel from Athenian Restaurant
(amazing seafood)

Crossing the Sound

 Post Alley

 Saturday night kind of pink

Yes, that is a dog strapped in this motorcyclist's sidecar

Richard the baker

Top Pot Donuts

As a Californian, the vibe to me in Seattle felt way more lively, and I found that people were very down to earth. Everyone I met was extremely nice and always had a local suggestion for me to try out.
Also. Check out Seattle's coffee scene. It's insane.

That being said, I am going to go cry because I have to finish school before moving there.

Seattle, stay gold.
And people, don't be afraid of the rain.

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