Concert Review: The Shivas


This past month, I had been jamming out to one of my favorite bands, The Shivas, as I got ready for their show in my home town of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Shivas played at one of my favorite venues: Kilby Court. Local bands, Max Pain and the Groovies and Soft Limbs, both opened for them.

Disclaimer: All photos were taken with an iPhone6 that had been dropped many times before the capture of these photos, so I am deeply apologetic for the quality of these photos.

The Shivas
The show was an extremely enjoyable experience. Kilby Court is basically a small garage. It's made for small shows, so you won't find moshing or bruises (most of the time). It holds about 100 people. So, overall, this is definitely an #aestheticallypleasing venue.
   Gates opened at about 7:00pm. The space was very empty for a good amount of time. There were little groups here and there. The first band, Soft Limbs, started. The bassist wore an alien mask while the drummer wore a monkey mask. It gave the small, yet pleased crowd a good time. I sadly didn't snap any photos of this band, which I regret.
   Next up, Max Pain and the Groovies came in and started doing their sound check. They were such light hearted and down to earth guys. They laughed and interacted with the audience. All of them squished on the small stage and danced around, making it a rock n' roll environment while still sounding pristine. I had heard about these guys before I saw them. They basically create their own crowd when they open for other bands. A group of long-haired skater boys with short mustaches and cuffed pants filled the room once the band started and dispersed when they finished.

Max Pain and the Groovies
At last, The Shivas head to the stage and get ready to bless our ears. The venue then fills up and we hear the sound check. They introduced themselves and started to jam out. The Shivas have a very distinct sound. Your main focus is on the guitar. Don't even get me started on the bad-ass drummer, Kristin. Now, that's someone I look up to, #GIRLPOWER. After thinking they finished their last song, the crowd was way too pleased to let them go. We chanted "one more song, one more song" and just our luck, they played two.
   It was a fantastic night and an amazing show. My ears are still plugged, my knees are still sore, and the songs are still stuck in my head, but it was all worth it.

'Cause you don't do the things you're supposed to do, you run around and make me blue.
I'm so torn up on you.

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  1. Lovely little review, I'm going to go and listen to their music right now!
    xx Alyssa