Local Bands: An Interview with Oh, Be Clever


Hailing from Orem, Utah, two artists combine to produce a collection of "witchy, alternative, pop, magic" music. The duo Oh, Be Clever consists of vocalist Brittney Shields and master of all instruments Cory Scott Layton. I got to chat with these two after I saw them open for one of my favorite bands, Joywave a little while back at the legendary Kilby Court.

WRITTEN CITIZEN: What message do you think your music displays?

OH, BE CLEVER: Reality, I suppose. Hope. Lessons in living. Music is the only way I know to be vulnerable. Our music is honest. There is no sugar coating. No bullshit.

WC: How did the two of you meet?

OBC: We met in high school when we were both in emo bands.

WC: How did the band start and how long have you been in the industry?

OBC: Our high school bands got into some drama that led us to bounce off and form our own thing. We've been at it for almost nine years! There's nothing else we'd rather do. 

WC: What music inspires you to create your own?

OBC: We draw inspiration from every genre. 70's psychedelic, EDM and house, trap, hip hop, old school R&B, 60's-70's country, and of course pop music. It's all art and it's ALL inspiring. 

WC: Who inspires you within your friends and family?

OBC: We inspire each other of course. Both of our families are so incredibly supportive, so they all inspire us in ways you wouldn't expect. Strangers and their stories draw a lot of inspiration for us as well.

WC: If you could make us a quick playlist of songs that remind you of say, tranquility, what songs would you choose?

OBC: Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
Sia-You Have Been Loved
Anything by Sigur Rós

WC: Could you describe your music making process?

OBC: Well, we write a few crappy songs, drive ourselves crazy over them for a few hours, then BAM! Out pops the one that wins. Honestly, our process is different every time. Cory comes up with a bad ass production model and I write to it and come up with some tasty hook and Cory puts perfect production to it and so on. 

WC: What advice would you give fellow bands?

OBC: Listen to yourself. Don't get disheartened if it takes years to get it right. EVERY SINGLE GREAT THING THATS EVER HAPPENED ON THIS PLANET took time. And plenty of fails. It's about patience, positivity and perserverance. 

WC: What's next for you guys?

OBC: An absurd amount of writing, A FULL LENGTH ALBUM, tour tour tour and more writing.

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