Cult Classic Creations: An Interview with @JennisPrints


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Decorating a denim jacket is such a personal and satisfying experience. Speckling it with your favorite enamel pins and buttons, embellishing it with a sleeve or back patch — it's a breeze to turn a simple staple piece into a statement that lasts forever and shows others who you are. 
   While browsing through Instagram one day, I stumbled upon Jenni Hammervald. As a Stockholm based illustrator, patch-maker, and all around badass creator, she raises the bar for all other designers of her kind. She makes a variety of different patches and pins, including Twin Peaks, Wes Anderson, and X-Files inspired designs. 
   Recently, she's released a few of her own creations ignited by her love for cats. I had the amazing chance to receive some of her items, which are shown below. As a huge Wes Anderson and Twin Peaks fan, it's an understatement to say I was excited about adding these to my collection.

Jenni's TP + Anderson pins and patches as they come packaged. Taken off my Instagram.

Jenni's TP + Anderson pins and patches unpackaged. Taken off my Instagram.

I spoke to Jenni one day about herself, her shop, and where she would like to be headed.

WRITTEN CITIZEN: What prompted you to start creating? When did you start?

JENNI HAMMERVALD: I started illustrating about 5 years ago and one of the first things I made was a Twin Peaks collage, since it is my all time favorite show! The three years ago a couple of friends arranged a Stockholm Twin Peaks Festival so I decided to make TP patches and it all just kept going from there! Oh yeah, and I started by making the collage in to postcards and posters which were the first things I sold on Etsy.

WC: Since you've said what your favorite show is, what is your favorite movie ever?

Clueless! And Jaws and Heathers. Depends on what mood I'm in!

WC: Heathers is one of my favorites too! Any new movie or TV show designs you're thinking of

JH: I just heard that Gilmore Girls is being rebooted on Netflix, so awesome since it was one of my favorite shows growing up and I always watched it with my mom, so I will definitely make the Chilton patch that I just made as a small Halloween special this year. And I would love to make some kind of Parks and Rec. Pin!

WC: Parks and Rec. is the best, truly. What is your favorite item or design you've ever created?

Right now it's my new Cuddly Kitten patch which is a 5"x 6" pink and white fluffy heart shaped patch with a kitten on it! But my all time favorite is the TP One Eyed Jacks inspired patch.

WC: I love them both too — all of your TP items are my favorite. Lastly, where would you ultimately like to see yourself?

Thank you so much! I love making fan patches, but in the end, I would love to do more of my own ideas like the C.R.E.A.M pin and Cuddly Kitten patch. There are just so many awesome shows and movies out there! Also, I'm currently studying Interactive Communication so I would love to be able to work abroad like in Toronto, New York, or maybe Portland (Maine or Oregon) and combine my education with my business.

Jenni's items are extremely high quality and some of the best fan-inspired designs I've come across, and are all very well priced. You can shop her etsy store here, and follow her Instagram here.

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