Oxidize | Visual Diary

He told her not to cry. He said that she would rust. He told her not to lie; 
a liar you can't trust. 
So she never cried
and she never lied
and she never felt the rain.
She never wept
And her word she kept
Until the hurricane.
Wild, she ran into the violent winds, her reddish hair coming unpinned. 
From her mouth flew fabrications and fibs.
Her eyes weeping so much that she cracked her ribs. 
Upon her strong face spots began to show; like fallen leaves on freshly fallen snow.
If ever had she wondered what her life meant before, no longer did she ponder because now she was so sure.
Through tears she had found her true form.
Through lies she saw the truth in the storm.
This was a freedom that she had never known;
She was merely a seed that had never been sown.

"Life is urgent because it is temporary."

Visuals + words by Macie Moon (@moonsby)
Modeled by Kaitlynn Oliphant
(Assistant: Vicki Rowell-Oliphant)
Location: Holland Family Farm / North Carolina, USA