I Hate Everyone, Now What?


Have you ever woken up one morning with a feeling of hate that was aimed towards everyone and everything? Well, I have and today I did. Unfortunately, feelings like these are not uncommon. No matter how many people I talk to (I like to keep the number at three) or how many times we’ve spoken, some feelings cannot easily be shaken. As I've gotten older though, I've learned that that is perfectly OK. What matters is how we deal with these feelings in not only a healthy but productive manner. 
Whether you feel like punching a hole in the wall or jumping in front of a bus, here are some safer ways to cope with negative feelings.
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If you feel like jumping in front of a bus: 

Go for a run or biking. Solo sports are a great way to release stress. You are the only person you have to focus on for the entirety of your workout. On top of being healthier each time you finish a sports session, you also become tired — meaning, all you have to do afterward is shower and then sleep away any lingering negative thoughts.

If you want to punch a hole in the wall:

Sign up for a boxing class. If you like to use your hands, beating a punching bag (with a face taped on it if your feelings are specific to one person) to a figurative pulp can be very therapeutic. Nobody gets hurt in the end — what more could you ask for?

If you want to scream at the top of your lungs:

If you live in a rural area, go to the woods or somewhere you know nobody will hear you. After making sure nobody will be able to hear you… scream until you feel like your lungs will burst. Or at least until you’re satisfied. I dare you. If you don’t have the luxury of actually screaming out your feelings, look into the Anger Room and see if there’s a location or something similar in your area.

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If you want to verbally attack someone important to you:

Write down everything you want to say. After getting everything on paper, burn the letter and move on.

If you want to rip your eyes out of your head:

Close your eyes and listen to some calming music. Maybe meditate if you prefer silence. Life can be both overstimulating and infuriating, I get it.

If you feel like you can’t go on:

Stop whatever you’re doing and return to it when you’re ready. If you aren’t doing anything then do something. Sometimes all we need is a distraction. Find what you like, whether it be watching movies, going to museums, playing sports, drawing, making collages, singing, reading, or knitting. Just do something that you enjoy to help put to rest the current negative or at risk mindset that plagues you.

I’m not an expert at anything really, so this advice may be helpful or just reiterations of things you’ve already been told. Either way, I like to keep bits of advice like these saved for when I'm feeling especially inconsolable. Now I’m opening this piece up to guys, our readers. 
What do you do when you’re seeing red? Is there a new coping mechanism that I should try? Have you ever been to an Anger Room? Let us know!

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