Taking Back the Birthday Suit | Letter From An Editor

Caroline Trentini by Peter Lindbergh (Vogue October 2012)
Dear Citizens,

Recently, my grandmother and I were watching the premiere of the TV mini-series "TUT" when toward the end, my parents arrived and decided to join us. Unlucky for me, the last three minutes of the episode were a montage of sex, brutal combat, and intense music. None of that stuff phases me, however it was my traditional and somewhat conservative dad I was worried about. Whenever I watch something the least bit inappropriate with him, I get a good old rant about how some things just shouldn’t be on TV. While watching the montage, my father instinctually grabbed the remote. When I protested, he said in disbelief, "You want to watch the sex?!" I replied, "Who cares?!" I’m eighteen years-old and well aware of the fact that my parents didn’t make a wish with pixie dust for me (or any of my five siblings) to be born. I’m okay with that, and like I told my dad, who cares? 
Nudity, for some, is a tricky topic to discuss. For others, it’s not even worth batting an eyelash over. I belong to the second group of people, which has the undeniable support of many — particularly those who work in fashion, for example, which is an industry that has stood by the birthday suit in all of its glory since the beginning. Nipples seem to be runway favorites, and even pubic hair has made the occasional ad-campaign appearance. Tasteful? Sometimes. Powerful? I vote yes, and that is exactly the point. People are driven by strong imagery and respond to a shock value. Seeing a bare, non-sexualized body or body part is powerful and drives a message.
Marina by Hans Feurer, The Pirelli Calendar 1974
So, what’s the message here, for August? Four words. Five syllables. "Stop giving a fuck." 
   Bodies are bodies, and we all have one. Why not leave it at that? There’s a saying that goes, "If you can’t say the word penis, you aren’t mature enough to have sex." I say, if you can’t say areola, then you shouldn’t be wearing a sheer top — and many people would agree with me! We shouldn’t have to fight to #FreeTheNipple on Instagram or explain ourselves whenever we choose not to wear a bra, then happen to nip in public. There are more important things going on in the world, and it’s pretty shameful that whenever I leave the house sans-bra, I have to face a day of interrogations. I’m not saying that we should drop all societal norms and turn into a bunch of nudists! What I really mean is that we should stop being such prudes and take back the birthday suit.

Christel xx
Features Editor + Chief Consultant

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