Fashion Inspo from 90's Films


Kids (1995)
Clueless (1995)
It's been twenty years since the ever-popular nineties cult-classic Clueless hit the big screen, and for the past couple of years, current trends have been spilling with inspiration from the film. The popularization grew even further after the release of Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX's video for their 2014 hit Fancy, and ever since, teens around the globe have made sure they got their hands on a plaid skirt.
   Don't get me wrong, Clueless is a fabulous movie from which you can get a few style tips, but we mustn't forget about all of the other nineties films that have shaped the way we dress today. Here are a few of WRITTEN CITIZEN's favorites:

Pretty Woman (1990)

The perfect movie for a girls-night-in and equally as perfect for style tips. In the beginning, call-girl Vivian's look consists of tattered thigh-high boots and skimpy cut-out dresses, which maybe seems like a total miss (and is portrayed to be so in the film), but seriously, Julia Roberts proves that she can make anything look great! Cut-out dresses have made a recent come back, and more modest versions of Vivian's dress can be picked up in high-street stores. The leading lady's style evolves during the film with the help of a little cash, and becomes rather elegant, which results in that iconic red dress.

Leon (1994)

Twelve year-old Natalie Portman really had her style locked down at an age when most of us were still shopping in the kid's section. Mathilda's style is grungy, while also being super easy to imitate, as it mainly consists of leather boots, chokers, and fitted tops. Her look is super easy and laid back, which for teens is definitely a win, because seriously — who has the time to look like a model everyday?

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1995)

In my opinion, Romy and Michele are probably the most hilarious pair of friends from any movie ever, and their daring style is just as iconic as they are. The girls' vibrant coordination of outfits always leave me envious, and after watching, I always wish that the store they open at the end are real. This movie shows that metallic dresses and fishnet gloves can look amazing as long as you've got the attitude!

Empire Records (1995)

Also twenty this year is the ever-iconic Empire Records. I have to congratulate the costume designer, because not only do all of the outfits sum up the era perfectly, they have also still survived 'til today — two decades later. Similarly to Clueless, a plaid skirt was the center piece of a flawless outfit, and with a cropped jumper to compliment it, this look is an epic win. Every character's style is edgy and fits their various personalities fantastically. I think we could all definitely take a page out of Corey's book of how-to-be-a-goddess.

The Craft (1996)

Although the film may get beyond creepy towards the end, the style is constantly bewitching. All four girls have their individual styles, but all are totally badass! The leader of the group, Nancy, also seems to be leading in the world of fashion, as her gothic wardrobe throughout the movie is stunning, with one memorable outfit consisting of a leather jacket paired with a maxi dress. The Craft shows that black is always timeless.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Cruel Intentions teaches us that money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you gorgeous clothes. Kathryn Merteuil sure knows how to dress, and of course she does — she's a millionaire teenager living in New York City. Her classic gowns and skimpy lingerie are what make Gellar's character a nineties fashion icon, and whose looks can be imitated into all of the seasons. Thanks for the inspo, girl!

While Clueless will always be one of the main references when reflecting on nineties fashion, remember that there are a few other movies that will also give you a few style points.

All images found on Tumblr.


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