Why I Love My Body

Picture of me on a good night

With the lure of social media, we have become obsessed with the distortion of "image". It has infiltrated almost every aspect of our daily lives, feeding our insecurities with further self-doubt. While we ourselves contribute to the deceit, editing our lives in scrutinizing detail, it's time to step back and take control.
   Insecurities are inevitable. Hating yourself isn't. Looking beautiful in pictures does not define you. You are blood and soul, love and passion, not a petty image. You are capable and talented enough to chase after your aspirations, so go for it and never look back.
   One of the things I'm told most often is, "Emily, I don't understand how you can have so much confidence. I just have to care." Although constant self-love since birth would have been amazing, it's just not the truth. The reality is I used to hate myself in every way possible: I felt nervous wearing what I wanted, would over analyze my conversations, and was more conscious of my weight than I should have been. Despite my improvement throughout the years, there are still moments where I feel useless. Only now, I can pick myself up and start again.

 In my makeshift tent while indoor camping
I love my body because it gives me the ability to create freely. I love my body because it allows me to hear my friends' laughter, to see my grandmother's kind eyes, to chase after my dreams. I love my body because without it, I would be nowhere.
   To celebrate accepting yourself, the pictures in this post are makeup free me, who is equally powerful and intelligent as makeup me. Whether you never wear cosmetics or you do it everyday, here's to believing in yourself regardless.

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