Speak Your Mind and Wear It Too

Sweater by Bella Freud via Net-A-Porter
Growing up, I was always told to speak my mind, and I was taught that I should never let myself be silenced. Some say I took those teachings a little bit too seriously, but I disagree. (You apparently don’t have to always say what you think, when you think it or how you feel, when you feel it. Who knew?) Expressing yourself isn’t always easy, and for someone like me, who continues to struggle with self-expression, personal style is a great way to briefly state who you are and what you’re about without completely defining yourself. It is true that one of the first things a person notices about you is what you look like and how you dress. Whether you like it or not, your exterior says a lot about you. Good posture signifies confidence; bitten nails point to anxiety; electric colors and bold prints make a person look fun and inviting.
   The fashion world is known for being pretty ballsy to say the least. In the past few decades, clothing and accessories have become a new type of communication. Not only through shape or cut, but now through added wording and slogans. You can essentially choose to speak your mind and wear it too, if you’d like, thanks to the ongoing graphic clothing trend. What started out with fun t-shirts and sweatshirts from fast fashion chains, has become so much more. 
ASHISH Fall 2013
  Take a look at some of the eye-catching shirts by British brand ASHISH. Particularly their notable, "I’m having a shit day, thanks" sequined one. What about the recent Moschino par Jeremy Scott themed collections? Each varying in subject matter while remaining under the constant theme of blatant and humorous self-expression. Markus Lupfer and Bella Freud are also designers for which collections featuring slogan-covered pieces comes as unsurprising. What was surprising though, was when Valentino’s Fall 2015 collection featured sweaters and t-shirts that read, "your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love" written in sweet penmanship, placed in a big red heart. Also unexpected - yet totally fitting -  was the ever popular Comme Des Garçons "live free, die strong, commes des garçons" leather biker-jacket that made its way to stores earlier this year. 
Denim Jacket by High Heels Suicide
  Bill Cunningham once said, "The wider world perceives fashion sometimes as a frivolity that should be done away with in the face of social upheavals and problems that are enormous. The point is in fact that fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." A bit dramatic in this context, sure, but the point that I’m now trying to convey is this: talking is hard and writing isn’t for everyone. Fashion allows us to dress up, show up, and make a statement without saying a single word. The next time you’re having a shit day, turn to ASHISH. When you want to remind a sleazy guy that you’re not his babe, look into the denim jackets of High Heels Suicide, and if you ever find yourself wanting to tell your annoying best friend that she has an amorous glow, pull on a Valentino sweater because sometimes our clothing does all of the talking for us.