Girls in their Summer Clothes | Moodboard

Whilst my peers are jetting off to picturesque countries far and wide, I remain - as ever - traipsing around my hometown, drinking endless cups of iced coffee and virtually living on Tumblr. I find this social networking site in particular to contain an abundance of photographs from the past century that inspire me, albeit via a Macbook screen, in the best way. 
Whether it's extending my already lengthy bucket list or adding fabulous pieces to my imaginary wardrobe, for me being happy equates to being inspired. I'm trying to create a stylish closet for college and the holidays, and browsing the web and endless sources of street style helps me pinpoint my taste. 
Remember, having a stylish summer wardrobe doesn't limit you to the tiresome white-girl trend of oh-so-bohemian festival gear (a.k.a. cultural appropriation chic).
~ PS. In two weeks, I'm heading to Portugal, so check out my Instagram for pictures of the beautiful country ~

“I don't wanna be liked just because I'm pretty. That's fucking boring, and I’m not that.” 
Maisie Williams

Summer days drifting away / to uh-oh those summer nights 

Images found on Tumblr.