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This 15 It

My sister and some friends and I at Lehigh University, which we'll be attending in the fall. (Senior year)

Dear Citizens,

With June comes the inevitable for many students internationally: graduation. As a current high school senior, I can honestly say that while this moment was long awaited and anticipated, I still have some mixed emotions about the future. When looking to the future, I know I've had enough time in high school; I'm excited to leave. What I'm nervous about is the after — like the subheading of this piece suggests, this is it. Seriously. After we graduate and turn eighteen, we're no longer children in the eyes of anybody but our parents.
   When people ask me about high school, I say that it's almost as if time moves quickly and slowly, but at the same time, and before you know it, it's over. The feeling of time passing in high school is comparable to the feeling you get when you're learning to ride a bike. At first, you have training wheels (freshman year) and you’re really just testing things out. Soon enough, the wheels come off and you’re trying to find your balance (sophomore year). It feels like it’s taking forever (junior year), but in no time, you’ve got it and you’re off (senior year). That is what high school is like. When you finally start to get the hang of things is when it all ends.
   Though high school was, in all honesty, hell on earth, it would be unjust to leave out how necessary it is to go through it all and how much I learned. I attended four different high schools in all four years, and was surrounded by all types of people. No matter where I went or who my friends were, there was a constant similarity apparent in each school I attended. Everyone seemed to be looking for something, whether it be a way to self-identify, a way to rebel, a voice of their own, a hobby, talent, skill, opportunity, or more importantly, oneself does not matter. What matters is that we all start off lost in one way or another and in the end, even if things don't seem to be as clear as a shot glass, a path is forged and we have the chance to continue on or abandon the ship. Whether we choose the former or the latter is, for the first time in all of our lives, up to us. We've been prepping since pre-kindergarten for this moment, and the pressure is nerve-wrecking, and at times insurmountable.
   By now though, many of us have chosen which path to take and the pressure has turned just to anxiety and excitement — a mixture of good and bad. On one hand, I’m anxious because I’ll finally be on my own, as an adult, in “the real world”… not the VH1 version, but the actual definitive can’t-turn-back real world. On the other hand, I’m excited. I’m excited to be on my own and become my own person; to be molded by experiences that are uniquely mine, and to finally experience college life because if I’m being real for a second… we’re all waiting for that.
   Citizens, high school is tough, and I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that, but it’s comforting knowing that you aren’t alone. I guess my point is, we aren’t alone and we never really were. We all went through high school together. We hated on each other, together; we ditched classes together; we experimented together; and now, we’re graduating together… this is it. Congratulations, graduating class of 2015. We’ll always have each other, even if only in hindsight.

Christel xx
Features Editor + Chief Consultant

Freshman Year

Braces, pimples, and unflattering glasses.

Sophomore Year

Full of embarrassing PhotoBooth photo-shoots.

Junior Year

That year was when I officially decided to pursue a career in fashion journalism! 

The obligatory post-braces removal PhotoBooth pic, of course. 

My sister's art was presented at a gallery! We were very proud.

We've all known each other since elementary school! 

Braided my hair and went to Econ camp at Vanderbilt the summer before senior year.

My Econ camp! I miss this.

Senior Year

At a Teen Vogue party with my mentor and dear friend, Amy Astley! 

When I was crowned prom queen. So surreal.

First dance as prom queen!


  1. This article is sweet. I loved how you included pictures of your freshman through senior days. When I look back at my freshman face I feel like crying. Good luck at Lehigh

    1. Thank you so much! I wanted to be very upfront and honest about this huge transition. It was hard at first but I'm glad you liked it. Oh, and trust me, I still cringe at my freshman year photos too.