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If real life was a musical...

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In musicals, the starring characters always sing and dance things out, with a background soundtrack accompanied by 'extras' singing and dancing as well. No matter who you are in the musical, you always know the words to some sad love song and the steps to a rock and roll tune. As I am in theater myself, I often wonder, "What if I could just step up on a cafeteria table, sing my heart out about failing trigonometry and how the heartthrob-quarterback of the football team, Johnny, is taking Miss Small Town Beauty Queen USA, Suzy, to homecoming, and have a bunch of other random students get up to dance and sing with me too?"
   Perhaps not to the extent of dancing on tables, but would being able to sing or dance it out be more freeing; more liberating?
   I mean, who knows — what if I actually have my own angel of music urging me to sing? What if I have a drummer inside my heart making me dance around the rats in the streets of Baltimore? After church, what if I just have to cut loose and kick off my Sunday shoes? What if I just really want to sing about my favorite things?
   The question posed is not, "What's stopping us from singing and dancing on furniture in Macy's?", but, "What's stopping us from freely expressing ourselves?"

West Side Story
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   I recently just attended a huge theater festival for over twenty different high schools at a university campus, and what can I say? We all starred in our own High School Musical. Everywhere I walked, I was surrounded by creativity and freedom of self-expression. There were people playing guitars and singing under magnolia trees; others singing along to different broadway musicals; crew members running lines with cast members for their shows; students doing dance numbers; and of course, we all congratulated each other on our performances, and said, "Break a leg!" to everyone else who still had other shows to perform.
   The environment truly was a show in itself to watch. There were good vibes and contagious energy ebbing from everyone into each other. All of the cast and crew members from the several different schools were beyond respectful and supportive of each other, and of course, in an atmosphere such as that, their talent and dedication only urge you to work harder.
   Above all, at this drama festival, one of the [many] things from which I took was true and free [self] expression, while still being nice and respectful. In fact, I think most non-dramatis personae need to learn a lesson from us theater kids, with regards to open self-expression. We are completely able to live in the moment and truly be free by belting out a tune or breaking into a dance, but how do others free themselves? So I leave this with you, Citizens: don't hold back. Find a way to free yourself. (A safe way, of course.)

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