May the Fourth Be with You | Letter From an Editor

   Dear Citizens,

Lame title, I know.

Did you know that the month of May was named after the Greek goddess Maia, who was affiliated with Bona Dea — the Roman goddess of fertility — whose festival was held in May? Of course, the Roman poet Ovid provides a different reason; he says that the month of May is named for the maiores, which is Latin for 'elders'.
   Returning to the former, May has always brought one thought to mind, which I find resonates with Bona Dea: "Being in full bloom."

"Life was given to us one billion years ago. What have we done with it?"

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Delaney Hoffman
With the season of spring in full bloom, my energy balance can't help but regain its stability, and I'm once again on the pursuit of mindfulness and finding my chill. Spring in May is a very bold combination, which urges me to bloom myself and be bold, and live in the present.
   Citizens, I leave you with these tasks not only for the rest of spring, but as life #goals: I dare you to bloom, be bold, live in the present, and to challenge yourself as often as possible. Leave your fear behind, and carpe that f*cking dieme! It's okay to learn from your past mistakes, but once the lessons have been learned, forget about it! Don't waste all your time worrying about what could have been done, because you're not going to the past, nor will you ever. You can't change what happened. But, you have a say in the future, because that's where you're going! However, this doesn't mean you should waste all your time worrying about what could happen. As the old adage goes, "There's no time like the present."
   I try to treat life like one long road-trip, so just sit back and live in the present. Don't worry about where you were or where you're going; the best way to achieve peace, mindfulness, inner prosperity, self-love, and happiness is to fully give yourself to the present moment. Focus on your breathing and the color of your hair, because they're not the same as they were when you got in the car, and they won't be the same when you arrive at the end of your road-trip. 
   So, Citizens, seize the day. Be bold. Bloom. Free and express yourself. Welcome change. Spend some time alone to discover more about yourself and your own capability. Grow as a whole, living being. Burn old bridges, repair broken ones, and build new ones. Nurture every breath of life. Be loud. Don't let anything or anyone hold you back. Live in the moment, because moments are very fleeting, so grab it and feel it burn in your palm, then let it flutter into the ashes that will soon become memories. The possibilities for the future are endless, so focus on the 'now' and let fate play your future out. Leave the door open for anything to happen. Regrets kill more than nostalgia, so don't become fearless — be fearless.
Stay true, stay you.

Best vibes,
xx Zoe G.
Founding Editor-in-Chief + Creative Director

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