Dog Days Are Over: Florence Welch's Comeback

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Florence Welch has gained much momentum over the past five years, mostly for being the soulfully gravitating lead singer of English indie band Florence + The Machine. After almost four years of little-to-no released material or performances, many started to wonder if the dog days really were over. Would Florence + the Machine really just go down as just another catchy band with one or two hit anthems in the heyday of Coachella? Absolutely not.
   After two hit albums, world tours, and countless numbers of accolades, the expectations for Florence + the Machine's third album are set pretty high. This new album coming out in late May 2015 (May 29th) serves as the follow-up album to Florence's two previous albums, which came out in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

"I guess although I've always dealt in fantasy and metaphor when I came to writing, that meant the songs this time were dealing much more in reality."

Within a month of 2015, Florence proves that a hiatus does not put a pause on people's love for the art that one creates. The widespread release and acclaim for What Kind of Man, the blues-y and rock-pop-lead anthem on the band's third album 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful' already shows promise for the band's success this coming year. The music video depicts an ethereal side of Florence that we've never seen before.
   Besides being the soulful crooner she is, Florence has paved her way through the spotlight for being an unapologetic fashion icon. She's known for her #goals friendship with the beautiful Blake Lively, collaborations with bandmate Isabella Summers, and covering and being featured in other artists' songs. When she's not writing and performing, Florence is making a room in our hearts as a charismatic and adventurous English girl who's in love with the world.
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   For 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful', Florence opts for a much more posh and minimalist album art, straying away from her past cosmic and dreamy themes. The fiery red-haired queen of music has already stated her digress away from songs with rancor and malevolent themes, as seen on her previous albums Lungs (2009) and Ceremonials (2011).  

"The new album became about trying to learn how live, and how to love in the world rather than trying to escape from it. Which is frightening because I'm not hiding behind anything but it felt like something I had to do."

Despite being known for her past, subtle themes of death and darkness, Florence's new themes and ideas are embraced with open arms by her adoring fans who cannot get enough of her music. We can't get enough of Florence's new music either, and we wish her all the best with this new milestone in her spawning career!

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  1. Beautiful piece about one of my favorite artists!