Long Distance Relationship Tips

There are more long distance relationships, or LDRs, today than ever before. With the introduction of social media, it became very easy to meet new people who share common interests, unlike those of the potential matches around you. 
In this article, I've compiled a few tips that I think are important when being in an LDR, seeing that I was in one very recently.
Please note that every long distance relationship is different, just like how 'normal' relationships are, so some of these may not apply to you, while they may apply to others!

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⇒ Don't constantly think about how far away you two are from each other: 
The more you think about the distance between you and your significant other, theoretically, the  bigger it gets. Don't keep reiterating the fact that you're four-hundred miles away, or nine-hundred miles away, or even just fifty miles away. 

⇒ Make plans to see each other, of course: 
This one is quite obvious. If you're only, say, an hour drive away from your loved one, make time to see them as often as you can. If you're farther away, like states, or even an ocean apart from your significant other, try to plan a trip for you to go there or for them to come to you. Get in as much time as you can with them; this can make or break an LDR.

⇒ Trust: 
To me, having trust is the most important thing when being in a long distance relationship. After dating someone who did not live near me, and having horrible trust issues during the entire relationship, I realized how crucial that five-letter word is. You have to be ready for the time when your love won't text you back right away, and trust that they're busy. You have to understand that your partner is going to go out with their friends every now and then, but that doesn't mean they're going to do something harmful to your relationship. If you find someone who you can completely trust in a long distance relationship, you're very lucky, because it can take a lot of work.

⇒ Write letters/send gifts: 
Texts, calls, and Skype sessions are great, but having an object from your partner when you're in an LDR can be even better. (I don't mean for you to go out and buy them hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, but hey—whatever floats your boat). Write them little letters when you're in the middle of class and you're thinking about them. Pick up their favorite candy for them when you're in the store and you notice it. Send them post cards if you're on vacation.

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⇒ Don't ever forget to tell/show them that you love them: 
When you're miles apart from someone and you can't give them the physical affection that some people may want or need in a relationship, it's very important to do everything you can always to remember to tell your significant other that you love and care for them. If they fall asleep before you get to say good night or before you get to call them, send them a good night text. Send them “I love you” texts at random times.

⇒ Don't let anyone tell you that your relationship won't work: 
Your relationship is just that — yours. People are going to try and give you 'advice' on your love life. They're going to try to tell you that your LDR can't work, that you'll never be able to see each other, and that “statistics show that most long distance relationships don't end up in marriage”, but it's all bullsh*t. If you're happy and content with how it's going, then that's all that matters. No one can tell you what to do with your love life—no matter who it is.

When I started writing this, I was in a long distance relationship. Today, the day I'm posting this, is a few days after breaking up with my long-distance boyfriend. He was my first love, and my deepest love. LDRs are one of the hardest things through which you could put yourself, but most times, it's worth it. Remember to be safe, be cautious, and be strong.


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