Baltimore: No Justice! No Peace!

He had a switchblade.
Freddie Gray carried a switchblade on him.
He never used it, and he never threatened anyone with it, but he possessed it.
Though Baltimore Police attempted to arrest Gray, he attempted to evade it.
Upon finding the switchblade, he was arrested on April 12.
A week later, Freddie Gray was dead.

"We march all night we march all day for Freddie Gray!"

The city of Baltimore was suddenly thrust into a national spotlight that was so harsh it resembled something from a nightmare.
But this wasn't Baltimore going crazy; it was Baltimore reacting to the craziness.
   Riots, looting, and protests of all kinds enveloped the city on April 27, following Freddie Gray's funeral. Maryland's Governor, Larry Hogan, later declared a state of emergency and deployed the Maryland National Guard to Baltimore.


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One of the most heartbreaking things about the Baltimore Riots is that the people who genuinely want change will be categorized with those who were violently rioting and looting. The following day, peaceful protests took place all day throughout the city, and many people are on the edge of their seats waiting for something to happen.

Why are we waiting for something to happen?

This is real. This is actually happening to people. For the majority of us, it's something that we just see on television and turn it off to get back to our every day lives. For others, the television never turns off because this is happening in their backyards.
   Ferguson, Missouri, located along the outskirts of major metropolis St. Louis, is a normal city. It is a normal city that is swamped with media who will wait for things that will never happen, to happen. It is a normal city where police brutality is present — it seems as if police brutality is the norm now.
   This fact is disgusting. This is why people are rioting — they are pleading for change and equality, and for an end to injustice nationwide. When people see the acts in places like Baltimore and Ferguson simply as acts rooted in the issues of poverty, they are wrong. Poverty might have something to do with it, but this is also happening because of obvious racial profiling.
   The majority of people that are calling for peace are calling for silence, which is in turn asking to go back to ignoring the large issue. People need to call for peace and change -- the need for change is what sparked these riots in the first place.

I can't Breathe. 

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If you cannot see that police brutality and corruption are prevalent civil justice issues, you are blind.
   From the latest available year, Japan and Britain both have had zero deaths in police shootings. Germany has had eight. To round it all out, America comes in with a whopping 458 deaths in police shootings.
   The police brutality that has been brought to light is nothing short of appalling. How am I supposed to trust a person to protect me and the law if they can't even see past the color of someone's skin?

"We live in a post-racial America."

Bullshit. In an every day job setting, a white man that has received jail time would get the position over a black man. It is highly unlikely that if a white man had Skittles in his baggy pants, the candy would be mistaken for a gun. This insurgence of police brutality has only highlighted these problems even more.
   And this is why people are rioting. This is why people are protesting. This is why people are hashtagging, boycotting, preaching, writing, ranting, and taking action. We need change.
Racial profiling needs to stop.

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Erin Burnett (CNN) interviewed a passionate Baltimore resident about the issue. She mentioned that many people, including President Barack Obama, were calling these rioters thugs. To this, he responded angrily: "You might as well just call them n*ggers."
These people that some might see as thugs, are seen by others as children, sisters, brothers, students, cousins, and friends.
These people are real. They are very real, and they are victims of your stereotypes.
   There is no excuse for stereotyping, profiling, or assumptions. None whatsoever.
   When you call these protesters 'thugs', you are flexing your (white) privilege to a gross amount.
   We cannot be silent. Sometimes, to call attention to something that needs to be fixed, action is vital.
   You cannot be silent.
   This is an issue that cannot and will not be ignored.

Black Lives Matter. 

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