The Ides of March | Letter From an Editor

Wazzzzzzzup, Citizens!

March. It's March. I'm genuinely surprised by the reminder that it's not 2012.

Lettie Cook, photographed on Clapham Common, London, UK
Image by WRITTEN CITIZEN Creative Editor George
Obviously I can't speak for all you Citizens, but my New Year's Resolutions written in January haven't been seen for a while. If the promise to yourself that you'll cut out pizza completely now seems laughable, the good news is that it's totally okay. It's important to constantly have time for self-reflection, so don't put off chances to improve until the end of December. And personally? I find New Year's Resolutions an unhealthy habit, defeating their very point. The inevitable sense of failure of having neglected the promises made to yourself makes you feel like crap.
   We're a productive and positive place at WRITTEN CITIZEN so tell us about the improvements you are making. Me? I've resolved to watch more films, read more books, then write about them. And write stories. I'm currently on my eleventh book of the year, which isn't half bad. 
   In September, I hope to be taking an A-Level in photography, despite the fact that I've never done a proper shoot sort-of-thing until yesterday when I went on my first, very short shoot and took some pictures of my stunning friend Lettie. A post shall follow this one, containing my ten favourites, but in the meantime, there are a couple of others that might illustrate the theme in this article. 

Like Zoe G.'s January letter, I've inserted some lyrics of a song from a band  I adore with all of my being. I can sense a theme blossoming...

Somebody stop her ... /... The lifter, the runner ... /... The girl with the gold in her mouth / They caught her at London ... / ... Waterloo station ... /... Strung up on a ferris wheel (...) The newspapers screamed from their racks ... /... Pictures at seven, nine-teen eighty-somethin' ... /... The waltz on her father's shoes

No More Losing The War by Half Moon Run

Literary Editor + Creative Consultant

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