Dear Diary: The Culture of Ignorance

Dear Diary,

Lately, my hometown, Dallas, Texas, has sparked a lot of controversy.
   Most of you have probably heard about the horrible, derogatory words that were said by some of the boys in Oklahoma University's SAE Fraternity (video of the racist chant here). The boys vigorously chanted, "there will never be a n*gger in SAE", resulting in the expulsion of the boys and the disbandment of the SAE chapter on OU's campus.
   What they said cannot and will not be tolerated. This act is yet another example of how far from being post-racist America is.
   Two of the boys who participated in this vile act of racism are from Dallas. One attended Highland Park High School, and another attended Jesuit College Preparatory School.
   Now, let me provide some background.
   Highland Park is like the 90210 of Dallas. It is known for being predominantly white, Christian, conservative, and rich. People such as Jerry Jones—owner of the Dallas Cowboys—live in this area of Dallas. Jesuit is an all boys school that is—obviously—predominantly Christian, but also predominantly white.
   And the problem that led to the SAE chant all stems from here.
   These boys have grown up in a culture of ignorance. No one has ever told them any differently. Now, I'm not saying that anyone has ever told them that using the n-word is encouraged, but I can almost guarantee that no one has ever told them that it is not socially acceptable.

Dallas fosters these communities of blatant ignorance. And it isn't just Dallas, there are pockets like these everywhere in the United States.
   One of the saddest things about this is that these people do not known how sheltered and ignorant they are. The worst part is, if they do know, they do nothing to try to become more enlightened.
I believe that nothing good comes from all boys schools. Men have always been at the top of the social hierarchy and have never been the lesser gender.
   Now, imagine them put into an institution where no one tells them that their snide sexist remark is unacceptable.
   Where they greet their white friends with a "what's up, my n*gger" at the lunch table.
   Where they trade nudes between classes because they don't understand it's illegal.
   Where they make fun of other schools for being racially diverse because they themselves are racist.
   For some of them, it's not even their fault. They have never been told that they are not better than anyone else.
   The culture of ignorance is the culture that they have always known. 
   In my opinion, the all boys schools that I know are a form of institutionalized sexism.
   I have been personally targeted by some of these bigoted boys. They called me out over social media about my Jewish heritage and my school's religious and racial diversity. While arguing with me, they admitted that they were sexist, elitist, racist, and anti-semitic, and somehow had the nerve to make fun of me at their school.
   When someone close to me stepped to my defense and called them out on their bigotry, some hotshot responded: "Bigoted? More like badass!"
And that's the kind of culture they know. 

That culture horrifies me. It is the culture that makes us, as Americans, grow weaker and weaker every day.

It is these pockets of intolerance that destroys us as a people. These ignorant cultures which raise people that will grow up to submit bills to literally 'kill the gays'. I've seen swastikas on Rabbi's cars, unprovoked hate towards Islam, and the offensive imitation of Asians.

When these stop, America will be strong again.

   It starts from you, and it starts from people you know. You need to choose a path different from ignorance. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently preached, "the ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people." 

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