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As I said in my previous post (Letter From An Editor #3), I've resolved to do more photographing and such. The first shoot took place in South London, where cyclists stared and dog-walkers gawked. Modeling in this visual diary is my gorgeous friend Lettie. I hope to capture more pictures in the future which evoke an emotional feeling to the viewer—which I think is only really visible in the last one, as it was candid—because you can only see Lettie in her element in a couple of these.
Once again, this was the first shoot sort of thing I've done but I was keen to share some of the more decent ones with you Citizens.

Visuals by Georgia Williams (@fay.faery)
Modeled + styled by Lettie Cook 
Location in London, England
ft. Jack Wills (top) + Topshop (leggings)

What initially ensued as a "Georgia, can you do me some headshots???" unravelled into a general messing about, as this really was the first time I've picked up my Canon 400D and actually tried to take some photos that didn't look absurdly ridiculous.

I was inspired by the look of some of the photographs taken of Anna Grostina, where the black and white hue adds a classy element to an otherwise plain image. The 'straight face' pulled by Lettie harmonizes well with the colors, as an ominous and dark feel is made.

With a grained and somewhat textured background, we really wanted to draw attention to the cleanness and smooth canvas of the model. Her wavy hair, especially in black and white, adds a depth and dimension to the foreground without looking unnatural. 

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