Le Temps de L'amour avec Petite Meller

"I was a dreamy kid, always fantasizing and talking to things while other kids wondered what I was doing."
- Petite Meller

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Looking for a musician with mad style and sounds? Look no further than Petite Meller, music's unorthodox dream. Dubbing her own music genres — 'Nuvo Jazzy Pop' and 'Nuvo Gospel Pop' — and known for her quirky and girly style, the 'Baby Love' smash-hit star is on the verge of world domination, and we just can't wait.

WRITTEN CITIZEN: Hey Petite! I'm so glad we could sit down and chat. So, what's an average day like for you?

PETITE MELLER: I wake up, drink hot chocolate whilst putting on my blush and a huge hat, and go record in a studio with a producer. Sometimes I wake up in Sweden, sometimes in LA, and sometimes I just keep on sleeping, thinking I woke up.
I also go to the library—for me, that's heaven—where all the dead poets are lying on shelves, waiting to be read.

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WC: Looks like we take the same stairway to heaven! 
So, more about your name, are you French? 

PM: Oui.

WC: Where were you born and raised? Where are you currently based?

PM: I'm originally from Paris, but then I lived in many other countries. My manager found me in New York, and brought me to London, where I'm now based.

WC: Is relocation in the picture for you?

PM: I am constantly relocating. I am relocating myself at the moment to so many places—it's an ongoing ride.

WC: Speaking of relocating, you just released the music video for Baby Love, which was filmed in Africa! How was that experience?

PM: Africa was the fantasy I always imagined [it would be] since I wrote this song with producer Jocke Ahalund. The Congo beats and Gospel-Pop tunes took me back to where it all came from—a piece of wood.

WC: What is the meaning behind Baby Love? How does the song relate to its music video?

PM: It's a shoutout to the schoolgirls, the faeries speaking, kissing a giraffe, being a flamingo... an A Capella of pleasure bursting out of pain.

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WC: As for the rest of your music, from where do you draw inspiration?

PM: Most of my inspiration comes from cinema and philosophy; I focus on Kant Lacan and Deleuze.
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WC: What do you do when you hit a creative block? 

PM: I have a secret place in London where I buy my philosophy books and hear lectures. Sometimes, I just watch a Bergman movie. They're things that the mind can never fully solve. When the reason intrigues itself, it expands.

WC: Under what genre do you classify your music? 

PM: Baby Love is Nuvo Gospel-Pop.

WC: Describe to us your style. 

PM: Funny and clean cut. I fear prints—they confuse my mind.

WC: Talking more about style, a belated congratulations is in order for your cover of ZEUM Magazine issue 9! How was it like, picking up a magazine on which your face is splattered? 

PM: The talented Miriam Marlene who shot it came from Berlin to Sweden just to shoot me. It shocked me that someone would travel to meet me! Since then, she follows me wherever I go. It happens to me a lot, when I think about it.

WC: Does fashion play a huge role in your life? 

PM: It's part of the whole aesthetic of my fantasies. I'm inspired by the big women of Italian cinema like Anita Akerberg from 'La Dolce Vita' and Monica Vitti at L'eclipse. Both of their inner worlds make reality better.

WC: Okay, so while everyone yaps about blue and black, and white and gold dresses, we have to know—jelly sandals or Docs?

PM: White New Balance.

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WC: If you were not a musician and did not model, what would you be doing right now?

PM: Perhaps a philosophy doctor. Well, I'm going down this path and music simultaneously.

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WC: Expanding more on your love for philosophy, what kind of girl were you in school? What was your household and the environment in which you were raised like?

PM: I was a dreamy kid, always fantasizing and talking to things while other kids wondered what I was doing.
   I grew up with my grandma; she used to sing me old songs, and we used to listen to records of Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie.

WC: Take the A Train is such a classic. 
Alright, so do you have any albums/EPs/LPs coming out soon? Can you share an estimated release date with us?

PM: My song Baby Love is out now! Other songs will follow with more mind-exploring videos.

WC: On that album, tell us which song is your favorite!

PM: It's Baby Love! It emphasize the whole album's style.

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