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"It’s hard not to fall in love with Allie Hanlon listening to [Peach Kelli Pop]". So proclaims Infinity Cat Recordings, the Nashville label who houses a multitude of bands, including Allie Hanlon's melodiously gritty PEACH KELLI POP. Aside from being the drummer of garage-rock band The White Wires, the California-via-Ottawa singer also fronts this LA-based side project with jangly pop tunes as sweet as the name. Hanlon, who has worked with various record labels, such as Going Gaga Records, the aforementioned Infinity Cat, and Burger Records, is getting down to business. We had the chance to catch up with the lovely songstress about leaving home, touring the world, and her plans for the future.

Allie Hanlon of Peach Kelli Pop
WRITTEN CITIZEN: Peach Kelli Pop makes music that is short, engaging, and satisfying. Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

ALLIE HANLON: The Ramones are definitely one of my favorite bands and musical inspirations. I love the Go-Go’s a lot as well. I value great melodies more than anything in music.

WC: You announced last fall that you were going to take a break during the winter to record a new album. Is there anything new and exciting in the works?

AH: I’m getting ready to record PKP’s third full length album. I’m writing it right now, and going kind of crazy because I’m over-thinking it and hoping it will turn out well! In April, we will be doing another full USA and Canadian tour to support the new album, as well as another tour in Japan. I’m hoping to have some fun music videos also!

WC: I noticed that there is a distinct transition of Peach Kelli Pop's album artwork from black-and-white DIY-style pictures to a more playful, colorful vintage feel. What inspired this change? Did you do the artwork yourself?

AH: For the full length albums, I’m keeping a theme going with the covers having the same layout, except a different color scheme and photo. I do all the artwork myself, but I have my friends Ken and Perry help me because I don’t know how to use Photoshop! To date, I have released two LPs and most recently a seven, which actually has the black-and-white DIY style cover.

WC: Earlier last year, you had quite a bustling tour schedule, traveling as far as Europe and Asia. What's your favorite part about touring different countries?

AH: My favorite part is meeting the fans! It’s really exhilarating meeting people that love your music in faraway places—sometimes in cities of which you have never heard. I also adore eating regional foods. Japan was definitely the craziest, but Europe had some amazing food as well. Pasta is my favorite, so I was in heaven when we toured Italy for ten days!

Peach Kelli Pop by Amanda MacDonald
WC: Allie, you originally lived in Canada, not a far cry from where I live in Northern Michigan. What were the first notions you had moving so far away from home?

AH: I was always very excited and eager to move away. I had been visiting California extensively for a couple years before moving, so I was very familiar and comfortable with the idea. Moving in general was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I recommend everyone move from their hometown at least once, if possible, and California is a great place to go! I was always noncommittal about where I wanted to settle down, but I know now that I want to live in Los Angeles for the rest of the foreseeable future. I love it here.

WC: What are some of the most notable differences between the Ottawa and California music scenes, having your toes dipped in the both of them?

AH: Ottawa, where I grew up, has a very specific scene that features the same twenty-five or so people playing in bands together. It’s been very vibrant and active over the past seven or eight years. When I started playing shows, there were not many girls that played in bands, which kind of sucked and was discouraging. I didn't really have any female peers or females to whom I could relate. Most of my friends were supportive, but it still felt a little like a boys' club. Now, there are way more girls representing, and it’s awesome.
California has always had a lot of women playing in bands and it’s been inspiring for me.
   Another big difference is that more often in California — especially LA — people make music their main focus and priority. In Ottawa, there isn’t anyone I know of that makes music their “job”—at least in terms of playing in bands, releasing music, and touring. I don’t know if it’d be possible there. Here in LA, it’s common. Right now, I’m surviving solely on my music. It can be difficult not to have a steady or regular income, but I love the freedom.

WC: Do you have a preference between the Ottawa and California scene?

AH: They are very different, but I prefer the California scene — no offense whatsoever to my Ottawa homies! The Ottawa music scene will always have a special place in my heart, though.

WC: Are there any musicians or artists with whom you dream of collaborating?

AH: My answer to that question would be Steve McDonald from Redd Kross, with whom I am actually supposed to work! Peach Kelli Pop is the name of a song by Redd Kross, so it’s kind of perfect. Steve McDonald is one of the coolest musicians of our generation. I would also love to work with Joan Jett, and Phil Spector — if it wouldn’t be terrifying.

WC: Do you have any advice for young girls looking to make a career in the rock world?

AH: Don’t tolerate bullshit from people. Have fun on stage. Become awesome at your instrument. Find people you trust that you can ask about learning new music skills, releasing music, setting up shows and tours, etc. Don’t act like you’re too cool. Be professional. Be nice to other girls.

WC: Lastly, what's the most important thing for you regarding your musical integrity?

AH: Integrity means a lot of different things to people, and usually it involves money and success. For me, it is important only to release music that is a true reflection of my spirit and character. I feel a strong emotional connection to my songs, and don't want to release music I don't feel that connection with. So when people enjoy and appreciate Peach Kelli Pop songs, it’s the best feeling in the world.

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