Copenhagen Fashion Week | AW15 / BARBARA Ì GONGINI

Barbara Ì Gongini

Raw femininity meets raw masculinity 

Copenhagen, DK

Copenhagen Fashion Week AW15

This is the only actual show I went to. I was too busy with school, but I have been looking forward to see this show since the schedule was announced.
   I was so happy when I got to shoot it also, and it was just such a great experience.
   The show was very dramatic and powerful, and the models with big red hair and dark makeup almost looked like aliens. The music was amazing! It was a combination of electronic music and screams performed beside the catwalk. It all fitted so well with the clothes, and I am very pleased [with it].

Some details from the show. Barbara does understand how to mix femininity with a raw attitude.

Some head shots, just because the makeup artists and hair stylists did a crazy good job.

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