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Dear Citizens,

It's 2015! How crazy is that? I still think it's 2010, if we're being honest here.

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As it is the beginning of a new year — a new time, for all of us — there's not much to say, but much to do. This year is the year to get sh*t done! As I said in our latest post [about the resolutions of our staff]:

"That 'To Do' list I made on my iPad? Yeah, I want to be able to backspace everything off of it. Those little reminders I took down in my head, and only remember in the shower? Yeah, I want to do them to the best of my ability. 2015 is only the beginning of the future, and I want to finally do something. No more 'playing' — it's time to go and get it."

This is the time to learn from 2014 and make 2015 a year to behold. I feel as though this year is just the beginning of something greater than we are, so we must make a grand entrance, of course.
   WRITTEN CITIZEN has many exciting collaborations and projects coming up this year, and 2015 will be a very formative time in many of our lives. We'll be getting a new theme, new staffers, and new content, but with the same WRITTEN CITIZEN foundations we've had since the beginning. Can't forget our journal's release this year either!
   It's very lame to preach 'live with no regrets', but it's very accurate — regrets can weigh you down and haunt you for the rest of your life. There will always be pain with happiness, but you will never know happiness without pain. In saying that, to be very lame once again, today is the first page in the next installment of your life. Make this installment worth writing about.

And so I leave you with some of my favorite lyrics from the very same John Lennon song I embedded earlier in this letter, Citizens: 

It's up to you — yeah you... /... Better get yourself together darlin' / Join the human race... /... Who in the hell d'you think you are / A super star? / Well right you are... /... Why in the world are we here? / Surely not to live in pain or fear... /... Well we all shine on / Like the moon, and the stars, and the sun

2014 was just the warm-up — @2015 we're coming for you.

Best vibes,
xx Zoe G.
Founding Editor-in-Chief + Creative Director

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