The Start of Something New

In lieu of a new year and huge changes to us and the world, some of the lovely WRITTEN CITIZEN staffers sat down for a few minutes to jot down the changes in themselves they'd like to see in the year of 2015.

"New Year, new nothing? The new year is nothing more than the imaginary construct of time resetting with just a new name. Unless, however, you give it meaning. This year, I'm choosing not only to start off with a smile, but with determination to do things better. I want to step out of my shell and do things I never imagined. Comfort zones are so dangerous and I want to destroy mine. I want to take my life into my hands and not be afraid. Well, I might be afraid, but that's ok because it's part of the process. I'm not exactly going to dive head first, because this is a process. A slow and painful, awkward and uncomfortable, satisfying and liberating process. I will be more daring this year than the last. Also, I need to get into rock hard shape by April for crew season. Train insane to be insane, right?" 

- Isabel

"I plummeted into an abyss of dark thoughts and a low state of mind and spirit. In June, I was put into A&E (Accident and Emergency, for all you non Brits) for a suicide attempt. The most important promise I make to myself is to be happier. I don't know how I will do it, but I will begin to make conscious decisions thinking retrospectively and cautiously. 
"Since around the age of six, never have I been confident about my body, and since my health deteriorated in the past year, I have never been so uncomfortable and distressed about my size as I am currently. That all changes. This year I promise, I promise to do something about it. And no, this isn't to fit society's idea of the 'perfect' human being (laughs because there is no such thing), or to compare myself to my gorgeous friends and other staffers on WC.
"I strive to be better and more widely read. and be able to randomly quote Shakespeare, and impromptu times in the middle of conversation to back up a feminist argument.
"One unknown fact about moi is my humungous passion for musical theatre, and though I have no acting and dancing skill or talent, I hope to improve my singing skills and perhaps join a theatre or take classes.
"Many times, situations have arisen in which my faith in the human race is questioned. Fellow peers have made statements lacking evidence, such as "that man is wearing make up he looks like an utter freak... what the hell" or "why the f*** do trans people exist like just stop changing your mind". I vow here and now to stick up for anyone under some form of verbal attack, whether homophobic, transphobic, sexist or just downright rude.
"To conclude: Read more books, go to more galleries, listen to more music, watch more films, visit the theatre more, travel, learn, be cultured, and most importantly, act upon what is right and true.
"In the words of Craig in the late Ned Vizzini's novel 'It's Kind of a Funny Story':
'I can tell this is just the beginning. I still need to face my homework, my school, my friends. My dad. But the difference between today and last Saturday is that for the first time in a while, I can look forward to the things I want to do in my life. Bike, eat, drink, talk. Ride the subway, read, read maps. Make maps, make art. Finish the Gates application. Tell my dad not to stress about it. Hug my mom. Kiss my little sister. Kiss my dad. Make out with Noelle. Make out with her more. Take her on a picnic. See a movie with her. See a movie with Aaron. Heck, see a movie with Nia. Have a party. Tell people my story. Volunteer at 3 North. Help people like Bobby. Like Muqtada. Like me. Draw more. Draw a person. Draw a naked person. Draw Noelle naked. Run, travel, swim, skip. Yeah, I know it's lame, but, whatever. Skip anyway. Breathe... live.'"

- Georgia

"I can see a huge change in 2015. I feel that this will be one to remember, but to do that, I wrote down few resolutions. I really want to start earning more money — maybe working more around the house and at other places. Possibly, I'll get lucky and find a job at fifteen years-old. That money can go toward a lot. 
"I also want to become a music genius. I want to know everything about Led Zeppelin and all classic rock bands. I want to explore the music world. I just want to be productive, stop procrastinating, not stress, and be more positive! I want to go on more adventures and explore all of Salt Lake City. Concerts and festivals are always the best experience. I want to take loads of pictures and try new foods. I want to learn culture, and I definitely want to write a lot more than I usually do."

- Brin

"For 2015, my biggest, and only resolution really, seeing as it encompasses many things, is to get sh*t done. That 'To Do' list I made on my iPad? Yeah, I want to be able to backspace everything off of it. Those little reminders I took down in my head and only remember in the shower? Yeah, I want to do them all to the best of my ability. I really want to push myself to help other before myself and not be such a lazy piece of... well, you know. 2015 is only the beginning of the future, and I want to finally do something. No more 'playing' — it's time to go and get it.
"In 2015, I hope to learn from my mistakes and move forward, while letting both my healed and open scars serve as reminders of who I am, where I'm from, and where I'm going. #deep"

- Zoe G.

"This upcoming year, I aspire keep being me. I believe that in 2014, even though it wasn't the best year for me, I truly found who I was and became the strong and independent person I truly am. I don't want to lose that.
"I've never believed in resolutions, honestly. I don't believe that just because a new year has come around, all of a sudden, you should want to become a better person. You should want to better yourself and do good things for the hell of it — because you really want to. Not because that's the designated time that everyone does at once. 
"I don't want to lose who I am this upcoming year. I want to be happy and continue spreading positivity as far as I possibly can. My 'resolutions', if you will, are more life-long resolutions. They're not just things that I want to accomplish in 2015 — they're things that I want to accomplish and continue to do for the rest of my life.

- Kelli

"1) To be more patient because that's one of the more important virtues I feel I'm lacking in my life. What better time to work on it then when I'm young, right? I'm not sure how I'll accomplish this yet, though...

"2) To travel and get out more because I feel like now that I'm moving out of my parents house and going to college, I want to have new and more worldly experiences. I'm already planning some trips with friends and some service trips, so hopefully this one will get accomplished.

"3) To make more deadlines! I'm always down to the wire or past due and I'm sick of it! I definitely need to make more time for myself and focus more in the New Year.

"4) To continue eating healthy! My resolution for the past three years has been to eat healthier and work out regularly. I've stuck with it so far, and will hopefully continue in college this fall.

"5) My last resolution is to be more spontaneous. I feel like I've turned down a lot of things because they haven't necessarily interested me or because I thought I wasn't a good fit/something wasn't a good fit for me. Anyway, I'll hopefully do this by just saying yes more.

"Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, loving New Year."

- Christel

"Speak my mind. I often find I subdue myself in order to maintain my good relations with people, but sometimes it’s not worth it. It’s better to be able to be outspoken around people I know I can trust, rather than keep quiet around others.
"Stop dwelling on the negatives. Dwelling on negatives and living in the past don't do anyone any good and only damage your will to progress. Instead, find positives and expand on them.
"Take better care of myself. Self-care is so unbelievably vital to your state of mind. In 2015, I hope to look after my own needs more — physically and emotionally. I want 2015 to be a better, healthier, and more wonderful year for everybody, and I’m gonna start with myself.

- Jill

"This year, I want to focus on respecting myself and others. I want to achieve everything possible, and not let my habits of procrastination and laziness interfere with my long term goals. I will aim to try hard at everything that is set in front of me — not just the things I enjoy [doing]. 
"I want to stop shoving unhealthy foods inside of me just to think 'Eh, I'll exercise it off later.' In the course of my triumphs, I will not cause the downfall of someone else. I will be strong, beautiful, brave, compassionate, and most of all, respect myself.
"P.S. I hope everyone finds their Troy Bolton tonight, singing karaoke somewhere."

- Zoe A.

We hope that everyone has a safe, fun, and most of all memorable New Years! 
We are so excited to share 2015 with all of you. 

All image credits go to Tumblr.

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