Dear Diary: Suicide Is Never the Answer


Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Dear Diary,

My mind is blown by the amount of suicides this world experiences each day. It brings tears to my eyes knowing one can become so upset to get to the point of taking their own life. No matter what kind of suicide is committed, it is suicide. Nobody understands the consequences of their mercenary words. That sneer remark you decided to blurt out to the girl with socks and sandals? That could have been her moment of deciding suicide is the path.

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On October 20th, 2014, a friend of mine decided to take his own life. Never have I experienced this kind of trauma. Everyone loses people throughout their life, such as grandparents, etc. All deaths are absolutely awful to experience, but when someone so young and talented decides that it should be the end, you now know we have a worldwide problem.
   From this little experience, I've learned a lot. It's changed my point of view in so many ways. It's made me want to make a real difference in the world, since it's possible that my life or anyone that I'm close to's could end any second. I've also learned to appreciate everyone in this long journey we call life, since some of their ends may be approaching as well.
   Constantly, you'll see tweets that go along the lines of, "I wonder who would show up to my funeral", or "I'm sure nobody would notice if I were gone". If that really strikes someone's mind, they should really take a moment to realize that there are people all around the world who are willing to learn about them. There will always be that one person who sees you in the hall and doesn't have the nerve to talk to you. If you're gone, what could've happened wouldn't. Everyone has dreams and the potential to fulfill them. No one ought to ever feel that they shouldn't continue living.

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From time to time, I become sad, or "depressed". I become so uncomfortable with myself that I zone everyone out. I get stressed out about schoolwork, family, body image, etc. We all do, but I learn how to accept the fact that life is not perfect, nor will it be, but we should keep charging through it. You should be setting goals, meeting new people, traveling, and so much more — not saying your goodbyes.
   I have experienced pain, although I've never hurt more than I did when I heard about my dear friend's death. From one death, there can be others. I won't share much because I don't quite have permission, but this friend committed suicide exactly one year after our other friend did. We're all sure there were other reasons behind his death, but the fact he most likely planned it is traumatizing.

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One in 65,000 children from ages ten to fourteen die from suicide. Is there really that much negativity in this world cause such a large number? There could be a larger one, but these ages are so young. Think about people from the ages fifteen to twenty. I'm sure that's not something we'd like to go into. I sure can't prevent all suicides from this itty bitty article, but I feel great knowing that others feel the same that I do and will do everything in their ability to save lives. Just make sure you do little things. Have a conversation with someone new. You can learn something, and even learn to love them. You can save a life.

RIP, Devin Andre Wolfe (1997-2014)
This was not a pep talk, but a sign — a sign to not kill or hurt yourself.

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