Music in Winsome Wes Films

"Hi, I'm white and quirky. Wanna do it?" 

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Wes Anderson is one of the most punctilious and exquisite filmmakers of our age. With a cavernous understanding of the human emotion, Anderson knows how to embody it through location, colors, and awe-inspiring stories, creating artwork unlike no other. While there is a notably continual theme of his films being anomalous, no film is the same as another. A primary feature of an Anderson film that really sets itself apart from others is the music. The music sets the scene up, backs the scene up, and closes the scene down. In Anderson's case, music is transition and contrast.

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This is an audio tribute to the music of Wes Anderson's idiosyncratic films. 

Queen Bitch | David Bowie | The Life Aquatic

Aux Champs Elysées | Joe Dassin | The Darjeeling Limited

Stephanie Says | The Velvet Underground | The Royal Tenenbaums

This Time Tomorrow | The Kinks | The Darjeeling Limited

Oh Yoko! | John Lennon | Rushmore

Life on Mars | David Bowie | The Life Aquatic

Le Temps de l'Amour | Françoise Hardy | Moonrise Kingdom

I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.

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