Young and Beautiful: Sitting Down with Jacqueline Boulton

WRITTEN CITIZEN had the wonderful opportunity to chat with UK-based blogger and model Jacqueline Boulton.

WRITTEN CITIZEN: Thanks for sitting down with us! How are you doing?

JACQUELINE BOULTON: I’m nifty, thank you! I hope it’s the same for you, lovely.

WC: We love how you involve yourself with your viewers and make the effort to reply to so many comments. Why do you think this is important as a person of influence in the public eye?

JB: I’m not sure I would call myself a person of influence, but I just think it's so lovely that a stranger has taken the time out of their day to say something nice, so I try to do the same. For me, it is important to give something more personal back, since that is what you are receiving, which really amazes me.

WC: It was mentioned in your 'Random 19 Facts Tag' that in the past you've suffered from anorexia and bulimia. I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences. But, you seem to have come out the other side a happy lady! What advice would you give to your past-self and teenagers currently suffering from similar situations?

JB: No need to be sorry, I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and that with every bad experience there is a good one to outweigh it. Though I am currently undergoing therapy for my eating disorder ― it has been a long time coming ― I was extremely reluctant to formally address this aspect of myself. The only advice I can share is that beauty comes from your personality, and I know that it is difficult to have to keep reminding yourself, but try to not compare yourself to others. Focus on being the best version of you, and work from the inside-out ― not from the outside-in.

WC: Your personal style is so chic and sophisticated. Who are your style icons and why?

JB: Why thank you! I would definitely have to say Alexa Chung; her style is so effortless, and has remained that way ever since I can remember.

WC: If you could only live with one accessory for the rest of your life, what would it be?

JB: One accessory... I had no idea these questions would be so challenging! I’ll be a typical girl and go with a canary diamond engagement ring. I’m not really into my ‘bling’, but I would definitely don a canary diamond all day every day (laughs). It would be like wearing a little piece of sunshine.

WC: What, if anything, drove you to create your blog and YouTube channel?

JB: I would have to say Leanne Lim-Walker inspired me to start thinking about blogging and Youtube. Although I had my blog throughout Uni, I never really took it too seriously until Leanne introduced me to the professional side of things. What drove me though was the theory that I am very socially inept, and I thought it may help my conversational skills. It was all a bit of a social experiment, and I think still is, but I just love it. It’s an incredible outlet for my fashion obsessions, and especially with the fact that there are so many lovely people out there sharing their loveliness with me.

WC: Who is your main inspiration in general?

JB: I think my grandad is a great inspiration to me. Unfortunately he passed some years ago, but the stories he has told me inspire me to explore.

WC: How did you get into photography and why does it interest you?

JB: I needed an extra subject at A-level, and thought why not try it out, it was either photography or P.E haha. But once I got that camera in my hand and had my first darkroom success, I really felt in my element, I then just took my camera everywhere with me, always documenting people, yes I was that creepy person going around taking candid shots of everyone and anyone haha. I think the idea that a photo can capture a mere essence of a person fascinates me, and that, that particular moment tells a story that will usually be missed by the naked eye.

WC: What music are you currently listening to?

JB: I find my music taste is a good reflection of my emotions and circumstance at that particular moment in time. I’m loving Nick Mulvey, Noah Gunderson, James Bay and have rekindled my love for Tool. Also, I’m going to see Mogwai play in Brighton whom I've wanted to see live for who knows how long. I’m super excited and had to share it with you (laughs).

WC: Could you describe your style to us in no more than a sentence?

JB: Comfortable, that’s the best definition I can think of, I wear what I feel most comfortable in.

WC: Favourite films?

JB: Edward Scissorhands, Gladiator, and Requiem for a Dream.

WC: If you were to migrate, what would your dream location be?

JB: Thailand! It's just beautiful, and the food ― well it's irresistible and my mouth is watering just thinking about it ― plus, the lifestyle in my family's village is so inspiring. Everyone is so friendly and it is all about community, which you rarely see demonstrated in real-life these days.

WC: Your photography is stunning! Can you elaborate on what you like to take pictures of most, and how you like to take your photos?

JB: You are too delightful! I don’t deserve it, but thank you. Like I said before, most of my images are of people. As I developed my photography skills, they transcended into fashion; I always thought I would be in fashion ever since I got my first ever ‘fashion wheel’ (laughs). I can’t specify how I like to take photos, as it really depends on what works best with and for the subject matter, but I do enjoy controlled lighting, and it just feels like I put in a bit more effort to make the image.

WC: What's one beauty product you can't live without?

JB: Moisturizer, for sure. Unfortunately, I got my dad’s genes skin-wise, which makes it as dry as a fallen leaf all year round.

WC: Who would you invite to a dinner party―dead or alive?

JB: David Attenborough! His voice and life, oh so dreamy!

WC: You've modeled for companies such as Baia Bags, and Penfield. What's your favourite and least favourite thing about modeling?

JB: I love the escapism modeling provides; for a day I get to be someone I’m usually not, and for me that’s a big thing. I think most would agree that the one downside to modeling is how physically judgmental it is. It is important not to take it personally though, as you might just not fit their criteria that season, etc... which, in effect, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t succeed, as every brand is different. Fashion is not defined by one single image.

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