Sofia la Chica Bonita

"I feel like if I define it [my style], I'm clipping its wings, and I like being completely free when it comes to fashion."

- Sofia (of grungchy)

Sofia is a university student currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She is most famous for her YouTube account 'grungchy', and her mega-stylish Instagram posts.

Most Anglophones would just exit out of their browser when they come across Sofia's videos on YouTube simply because she's Spanish and vlogs only in Spanish. But, from just a few glimpses of her, anyone can tell that this girl has style, confidence, attitude, and every other word possible to describe a kickass girl. To her Spanish fans, she is a trendsetter and role model whom they can really relate to on a personal level, and to her other fans globally, along with the help of Google Translate, she too is a trendsetter and role model. Point is: no matter the language barrier, Sofia is a vibrant soul who encases the best union of music and style, and knows how to reach through a camera and truly connect with you. As an exclusive for WRITTEN CITIZEN, I got to break down grungchy and really get to know the girl behind the camera.

WRITTEN CITIZEN: Hello, Sofia! Thanks for sitting down and chatting with us. So, what's an average day like for you?

SOFIA: Hi, thank you for having me here today! Well, since I'm a student, I spend my mornings at university and my evenings at home doing homework and projects for class. It's quite boring, actually, but I'd rather work hard from Monday to Friday and have free time on the weekend to hang out with my friends (laughs). I'm also getting used to living on my own — which isn't as terrible as I thought — but it's exhausting.

WC: What's it like to be such a prominent youth on the rise, and very ‘Tumblr’?

S: First of all, thanks for the compliment! But, I don't really consider myself a 'Tumblr girl'. I'm really glad that all of those who follow me enjoy my photos and videos, even though I don't have masses of followers, but it feels even more amazing when people like me the way I am and support me no matter what.

WC: When did you first create 'grungchy', and what inspired you to do so?

S: 'grungchy' was created in literally three seconds. I wanted to rename my Tumblr account and didn't know how to call it, so I thought of I style I like, which is grunge, and my favorite fries, which are the crunchy ones from Pans & Company. So, I mixed them both et voilà. Yeah, it makes no sense at all, but I like the fact that it's a ‘unique’ word that defines me in a way.

WC: Describe to us your style.

S: I always say the exact same thing when someone asks me to define my style: I don't want to do it. I feel like if I define it, I'm clipping its wings, and I like being completely free when it comes to fashion. I love wearing whatever I want and whenever I want without feeling like I’m not being myself.

WC: Who are your influences, role models, and style icons?

S: My biggest role model and icon has always been Lady Gaga. She is the one that made me the person I am today in every single way, but I also admire Coco Chanel a lot, and I think every single woman in this world should be thankful because she freed us. Both of them are pure inspiration to me.

WC: What inspires you to inspire others? How do you keep yourself motivated?

S: I think I'm one of those people who don't find it hard to keep themselves motivated. I always tell myself "if you want to get there, you'll have to work hard and not to give up; it won't be easy, but once you get it, you'll feel incredibly proud of yourself”, and that's true, I promise. But, remember that you have to do it for yourself — not for anyone else.

WC: How has Spain and your environment influenced your style, work, and overall attitude?

S: I've spent my whole life in a small town, surrounded by a lot of narrow-minded people, and when I grew up, I realized I didn't want to be like them. I wanted to be myself, and it was in that exact moment when I discovered Lady Gaga. She gave me the strength I needed and made me feel good about being who I wanted to be. However, I have to say that I am extremely lucky to have a family that has never judged me and has let me discover who I truly am.

WC: Where are some of your favorite places in the world?

S: I haven't travelled as much as I'd like yet, but I just moved here to Barcelona a month ago and I love it here, as well as London, because you feel like there's always a place for you in such a diverse city. But, if I could live anywhere in the world, I'd choose New York, definitely.

WC: Describe to us an OOTD that really represents you.

S: A basic crop top, a leather jacket, Levi’s 501 shorts, a belt, fishnets, burgundy shocks, Creepers, dark burgundy lips, and a black hat. That outfit is something I could wear for the rest of my life without getting bored.

WC: Is makeup a huge part of you and your ensembles? If so, what's your favorite kind of makeup that really makes your look?

S: I'm really bad when it comes to makeup (laughs), so I always end up looking the same way because I guess that's how I feel comfortable; it’s what I know works for me. So, I can’t really recommend a favorite makeup brand, but I love any dark lipstick — they’re definitely my thing.

WC: Fashion turn ons and turn offs?

S: I'd say dark colors, grungy items, baroque pieces, the aesthetic of Dolce & Gabbana, and minimalism for fashion turn ons. For turn offs, it’s just a super girly style, really. But, it all depends on how you combine it and on your attitude. Attitude is, in my opinion, the most important part when it comes to fashion and style.

WC: Favorite fashion brands?

S: For low-cost brands, I quite like H&M, Zara, Topshop, and American Apparel. For designer brands, I adore Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, and Balmain.

WC: With whom would you like to collaborate eventually?

S: I'd love to collaborate with Luanna from Le-Happy blog. She's absolutely amazing and inspiring. And, I'd like to collaborate with Jess from sunbeamsjess on YouTube as well because her style is always on point, and she just seems really nice (laughs).

WC: Current and all-time music favorites?

S: I can’t stop listening to Kodaline, lately… but, anyways, I listen to Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, The Pretty Reckless, Birdy, Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, The Script, 30STM, Imagine Dragons, and The 1975. There are a lot of great singers and bands out there (laughs)!

WC: What are your views on feminism and equality?

S: Of course I think women deserve to be equal in every single aspect because we are, but I just don't like the word feminism. I could talk about this topic for hours, but I'll just say we women can't fight for equality and respect when we don't respect each other. We put too much pressure on ourselves, and we're always criticizing what other women do, so how can we ask for something we don't do? Change starts within ourselves.

WC: What's next for you?

S: What's next for me? I wonder the same. We'll just see, life is unpredictable!

Photos courtesy of Sofia's Instagram.
Find her YouTube here.

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