Dear Diary: No Need to BRAg

Dear Diary,

Lately, I've found myself confronted with the many choices a modern woman has to take in life: for instance, when I wasn't asked to homecoming, I had to make the decision to go stag or take someone from outside of school. I opted to take a close friend who didn't go to school with me, and I had one of the best nights of my life. As a woman living in the twenty-first century, I know that I should have every right a man does. So, when people judged me for asking someone, I knew that they were living in the shallow past, and I was more progressive.

One thing that has always been a determining factor for girls has been bra size. Never have I heard in my life a guy say "I would love to have sex with a girl with small boobs".
   I was recently watching an episode of New Girl where the gang (Winston, Schmidt, Coach, and Nick) were rating girls on their boob size and 'quality' as Jess sat on, trying not to vomit at the piggish nature of their system.
   As a girl on the 'Itty Bitty Titty Committee', it's sometimes hard to feel comfortable in my own skin around girls with bigger boobs — especially when we're with guys. I literally see them start to stare at some of my best friend's boobs right in front of them.
   So, I pose this question: what is so appealing about boobs of any size?
   They're literally just blobs of fat. So, why do they turn people on? Why should an ideal girl have a certain breast size?
   I, personally, have no idea why boobs are so attractive to most people. I don't see the point in it. If you're going to choose material things, I think you should be more attractive to someone's face, not someone's rack.
   I can't change this though. Probably until the end of time, straight males will be completely seduced by push up bras, tight swimsuits, and seeing down someone's shirt in a selfie.
   Each and every set of boobs is different, but perfect. There should be no set ideal, and no guy (or girl) should write off a girl based on the size bra they wear.
   But, we know that this is not the case. Most guys at parties would rather hook up with the girl wearing a push up bra than the girl who is more covered up. People love to see a barely clad Sports Illustrated model frolicking along the beach in a skimpy bikini.
   Society has taught us the bigger the boobs, the better the people, like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Talented performers like Ariana Grande get criticized for "having enough space between her boobs to park a car."

People have made it so that people would rather get plastic surgery and make their breasts fake than have size B boobs. Stuffing a bra is also a viable option to many.
   Culture is basically saying that if you have small boobs, good luck.
   I say that this is not the case, and I know that it isn't. Plenty of successful people have smaller boobs, and flaunt it. As someone who plays a hell ton of sports, having smaller boobs is less of a burden. If someone forgets their sports bra, I happily hand mine over, knowing that I don't need the extra support as much as they do.
   We get to wear bralettes and not have to worry about not having enough support, and look super Tumblr and get to take hipster pictures in them and look super grunge in them. (I just released my inner seventh grade self that I hate). But it's true. Bralettes? Check.
   Showing off your boobs is not everything. Having character is. And, boys, as long as it takes, will some day figure that out.

If you have smaller boobs, wear clothes that compliment your figure. I find that boxier shirts really compliment my figure. Honestly, wear whatever makes you feel good.
   If you have bigger boobs, wear clothes that compliment your figure. This does not necessarily mean make your boobs look as big as they possibly can in the tightest dress ever. If you're doing this to impress someone, here's a big NO. If you're doing it because you honestly like the piece of clothing, then go ahead.
   Every single different boob is beautiful. There should be no ideal boob size or shape. They're all different, and they're all perfect.
   When people make fun of how small my boobs are, I sometimes feel really insecure. This is normal, I think. When anyone criticizes something about you, it is normal to become embarrassed. But, I can't control how big my boobs are, so there's no point in getting frustrated. Smile, and laugh along. Feel thankful that when you find that perfect, backless dress, you will have no trouble with not wearing a bra for an evening.

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