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Body image seems to be the number one difficulty women have had for years running. In fact, children from the youngest ages are insecure about their bodies being overweight, and in some cases, underweight. Rarely any people are 100% confident in their own bodies. It's very difficult to be in the first place, but there are ways to feel better about yourself in some sort of way. That could be eating the right foods, going on little jogs, or even rocking your favourite outfit. There are unlimited ways to feel content in your own body.

   I decided to sit down with a few teenage girls and discuss how they feel about themselves, their eating habits, and what things they feel more comfortable in, among other things.

"I feel the happiest with my body when I realize that almost all standards in modern-day society for girls are incredibly unrealistic, and that beauty has no shape or size. Body positivity is so important for all girls to have, especially in the world we live in today.
- Jill Murdock, 14

   You should never feel desponded about your own body. If you feel a change is needed, make a change. But, never should you think of yourself as 'fat' or 'overweight'. A simple ,"I haven't been making the healthiest decisions—maybe I should work on that", is what should be crossing your mind.
   It can actually be easy to be confident in your own skin. I, personally, feel best after a day where I ate all three meals with the perfect amount. While interviewing multiple girls, I noticed that one of our major problems is over-eating late at night.

"Sometimes, I go the entire day without eating because I was busy or just really not hungry and end up eating over night." 
- Davin Kim, 14

If you feel like you could eat all night and still feel good about yourself, by all means, do it! Some of us, on the other hand, struggle with it and choose to break the habit. What you really want to do is eat your main courses. Some people say you shouldn't eat after 7:00 PM, but that is nothing but a myth. Snacking at midnight is just the same as snacking at 4:00 PM, but it's still not very good. Try cooking! Most of the things you cook can be far more healthy and energizing than fast food restaurants. Plus, cooking is productive. Moving around the kitchen instead of being planted in front of your laptop screen can also help you feel better about yourself.

You are not too fat, nor too curvy, nor too skinny, and you are and always will be loved.

I highly recommend to go check out the images Carol Rosetti makes. Her goal is to reach out to women and make them think positive. They are mainly illustrations of women, and even younger girls, that have problems with themselves, such as homosexuality, weight, clothing comfort, and so much more. I discovered her work while scrolling through my Twitter feed and fell in love. She's really doing herself and women all around the world good.
   Don't get me wrong — not everyone is unhappy with their weight. I know girls who were born thin as a stick, and they enjoy living in their own skin. For instance, many people would tease and call one of them anorexic, scrawny, and bony, but her body type ran mainly in her family. She enjoys being her size, and nobody should make her feel different.
   If you feel you really need a change in your body, go for it! However, you need to realize that you are beautiful, no matter what size you are. Some people are born with their body size and can't really make a change. Listen to me when I tell you that it is okay! You don't need to change your image for anyone but yourself. Nobody has the same shape as you, so embrace it! You're you and nobody could ever compare to that.
   Everywhere you go, you will hear "you are perfect, no matter what size". It's a complete mainstream quote, and just about everyone will say it. But, this world is still full of women uncomfortable in their skin, and that needs to change. I'm not quite sure if that will ever go away completely, but even one woman can make a change. Marilyn Monroe is classified as the world's 'sexiest woman' and her body is far from stick thin, though stick thin is also just as beautiful as her body.

Be confident in yourself.

Special thanks to Davin Kim and Jill Murdock for participating in this article.

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