Chatting with Elle-May Leckenby

"I love seeing beautiful images other people around the world create, so this makes me extremely passionate about capturing images too!" 
- Elle-May Leckenby

Meet Elle-May Leckenby: a twenty year-old Australian blogger and model located on the Sunshine Coast. You can most likely find her spicing up the surfer scene with socks and high heeled boots, accented by her kickass lipstick while riding her bike. Famous throughout the internet for her beach-chic attitude, out-there sunglasses, fierce lipstick, and teeter-tottering wedges, she is the epitome of Australian casual-chic.
   I first came across her work a couple of years back when I saw Jag Lever like one of Elle's pictures on Instagram. So, like any other normal internet-child of this generation, I Googled her. I went on her blog and just fell in love with her Lookbooks, Aussie wedding and nature-shots, and overall attitude towards life. Her color palette, beiges and creams, accented by a kick of boldness from her lipstick, completely inspired me to draw style cues from her taste. Her brilliant smile is just so infectious, and what can I say? There's not one thing you can’t adore about Elle.

WRITTEN CITIZEN: Hey, Elle! Thanks so much for sitting down and chatting with us. So, describe to us in one sentence what a normal day is like for you.

ELLE-MAY LECKENBY: Thank you for your kind words! Well, I usually go through my emails, ride my bike to the beach or pool and swim because it really helps me think; I then come home and get ready to photograph things in the afternoon, then edit and make posts into the night.

WC: What first piqued your interest in fashion, modeling, and photography?

EML: Flickr ― the photography website. I loved seeing beautiful images that other people around the world created, and this made me so passionate about capturing images too!

WC: How has living in Australia influenced your style? Who are your style icons?

EML: Well, my surroundings inspire me, and the weather helps my mindset too. Though I've never had many style icons, every girl loves Alexa Chung ― I feel like she just gets it.

WCSeeing at it is summer here in America and the UK, please do enlighten us with your eternal boho beach-babe style! What are basic beach-like pieces every girl ought to have in their wardrobe?

EML: Definitely a good overthrow dress or long top! Just something flowy that breathes and catches the wind nicely, really. I like linen a lot too. Also, a comfortable pair of simmers, of course!

WCWould you ever consider creating your own fashion line?

EML: Yes, definitely! I'd love to use beautiful linens and leathers to create amazing dresses, as well as a shoe line. They would all be made with really natural feeling and looking materials, of course!

WCYou have two sisters. One is the owner of an online shop (My Mum Made It) and the other is a musician, while you're a blogger, photographer, and model. Have you ever felt that there's competition between you lot to see who's more 'famous' or higher up in the entertainment industry?

EML: Definitely not! My older sister, Nyree, is the store owner and my younger one, Micahla, is the musician. If anything, we all inspire each other to grow and be creative; we've always done a lot together and collaborated. We have never been competitive and when any of us do well, we all just feel extremely happy for them.

Elle and her sisters (from left to right): Elle, Nyree, and Micahla.
WCAlthough you live in the very beautiful country of Australia, if you could, to where else in the world would you relocate?

EML: Vienna! I think it's so classic and dreamy, though I've never actually visited the city myself. I feel I will live in New Zealand someday too just because it's the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and nature inspires me beyond words.

WCTo keep your lean, model-like figure, do you diet and exercise daily? Also, you're always smiling and laughing in your pictures! Any tips to keeping a happy and healthy lifestyle?

E: Hm, I am still trying to figure out how to refine my eating, to be honest. I love trying new things, although I still have a few set foods I always go back to because I love them. I eat sushi pretty much daily, and I also eat a lot of avocado, eggs, and nachos. I have replaced most of my chocolate with this coco and honey drink I make now so I can still feel like I'm having chocolate.
I always smile because deep down, I am so grateful, and I know I've been blessed beyond my comprehension, so really, I see no point to be anything but happy and content!

WCWhat's next for you?

EML: I want to keep growing in my photography knowledge and really just keep doing what I do, but to a higher standard. I love capturing imagery for brands and representing it in a beautiful and inspiring way!

Photos courtesy of Elle's Tumblr and blog.

You can always find Elle swimming, photographing, blogging, and laughing―or simply inspiring the world at her blogTumblrLookbook, and Instagram.